An effective way to maximize your stay in Florida’s Paradise Coast is to get yourself environmentally involved. The locals in Naples, Florida and its surrounding areas put high value and strong commitment to the green lifestyle and to the knowledge, talents, skills and dedication that can help Florida’s Paradise Coast on its path of eco-stability and environmental sustainability. The passionate men and women of the Paradise Coast have dedicated their lives in the preservation of the natural bounty of the region. They do this not just for their sake but for the generations to come.

The future generations of this planet are one of the many motivations that drive the environmental minded people to put the necessary effort in the maintenance of nature’s wonders. And you too can help. Florida’s Paradise Coast provides many opportunities for you to participate in this endeavor by contacting and/or joining local eco and green organizations, doing volunteer work, and attending classes that educate about the preservation of nature and being involved in green events. Even by simply taking a guided tour will provide you with new insights on how you can make an impact.

There are a variety of classes that offer the opportunity for you to learn from the region’s leading experts on the issues facing eco-systems, wildlife and other green oriented interests in Southwest Florida. Here’s a look at some of the current classes you can take:

At the Naples Botanical Garden,  they offer classes that would get you involved in taking care of the natural environment while imparting to you lessons that will teach you how to safeguard the environment from your homes, school and offices. The great part about this experience is that visitors can learn alongside the people from the local community, so this gives provides a venue of sharing useful ideas that can help the nature in the long run. This class is called Lifelong Learning Series. And , if you’re looking to take on a new hobby, there are lectures and workshops too on a wide range of garden-related topics.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve’s Coastal Training Program imparts the latest scientific information and research policy to scientists, key-decision makers in the community, elected officials and the general public. This ensured that the leaders of every community know the value and the importance of keeping the eco-system alive and well. Initiatives like these could spur efforts that can lead to a more collaborative society and a society that works towards a common and morally desirable goal is something that should be emulated by every society.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida offers a variety of classes, including everything from meeting environmentally conscious artists to fossil digs and wildflower walks. This ensures that people are learning while still having fun. This is great for family outings or even groups of friends who are going out on a vacation together. A trip that is both fun and educational is the real essence of a fully maximized outing and this is something we would definitely recommend to everyone.



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