You might be one among many who knows somebody, be it a friend or a relative who works for themselves. These people are the hardworking men and women who toil day and night and sometimes work for 60 to 70 hours a week just to make ends meet. You find them working in their own start-up companies selling this or that product or this could be a service like a plumbing business, carpentry business or even housekeeping which is a noble source of income and can be included in this list.  More yet can be found around Naples, Florida perhaps running small stalls or doing house or office services.  It’s never an easy means of living, at least at first, but they always manage to get through.

We, are no stranger to this kind of lifestyle. From our humble beginnings back in 1999, we somehow managed to keep things together and we’re still running stable up to this day, thanks to our hardworking partners and employees. Starting things was rough, but good things never come easy, they say. That’s why we take a particular admiration for people who work hard in maintaining their own business.

Now, it’s a misconception to say that small and start-up business owners are their own bosses. Nothing’s further from the truth. Owners have bosses and it’s the people that look at or buy their products. And trust us when we say that some of these people are the harshest of critics. But, we keep a good humor about it and remind ourselves that they are right. They have a right to be demanding, it’s their hard-earned money they’re spending and it’s our service they’re depending on. Customers could not care less about the hard work you’ve pulled together to make the product work, all they care about is results and they are absolutely correct.

Having said all that, people in the start-up business have thought long and hard before venturing in the market. We know this because running a start-up or a small business is a high risk high reward endeavor, once your business goes kaput, your done as well. And people in this industry can’t afford that because for some, going out of business means going hungry, literally. That’s why people in this kind of life work all day and all night, with sleep as their only respite. And this takes a certain kind of passion, a kind of fire that burns in the belly; and we admire that, we respect that.

We do this because somewhere along the line, if we slay that dragon and for some it means going past the critical first three to five years in business, it means prosperity; prosperity for the owners, their family, their employees and their employees’ families. There will be food on the table and that makes everyone happy.

This is why we urge people to lend a helping hand to these passionate and admirable people. Buy their products. Take advantage of their services. That’s because you know took the time and effort to hone their craft, took the pains in making their product as perfect as it can be. And you’d know that they did all these with much gusto and fervor, because behind them, they know there’s nothing for waiting for them.


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