You’re in Naples, Florida and it’s the weekend. You have no scheduled plans, you got practically two days for yourself and you’re looking for something worthwhile to spend the weekend with. Even your kids (assuming you have any) are clamoring for something fun to do as well. Kids can get pretty crabby when they’re feeling bored and this makes you feel restless as well. Fret not. We have five suggestions that will help you out in deciding what to do on weekend in Naples, Florida with the kids. These places and activities are proven to give you quality time with the whole family – everybody wins.

Naples Zoo

The kids would absolutely adore the animals. There are over 70 exotic animal species that can be found in this vast area. There will also be gardens with beautifully arranged plants and flowers that are very pleasing to the eyes. There is a koi pond where you and your kids can marvel and the brightly colored fishes and there are also giraffes that you can feed yourselves. One of the major tours in the Zoo is a boat trip along the mangrove forests which gets you up close and personal with the monkeys playing around the tree branches.


Naples, Florida wouldn’t be called the Paradise Coast for no reason. Here, you can find the most pleasant beaches in the world that even kids can enjoy. Relax under an umbrella while the kids build sandcastles right where you can see them. Go closer to the shore where you can go shelling and take the shells home with you as a little souvenir. There are many beach side events that happen yearly so you might just be in time for one of them. Lots of fun to be had while digging your toes into the sand.


The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, is another great option if you don’t want to be under too much sun heat or if it’s raining outside and you can’t enjoy the beach very well. The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples features hands-on educational exhibits that challenge the minds of your kids in a fun way. There are puzzles and obstacles that are waiting to be explored and there is a big Banyan tree model that can be interacted with the kids and the kids at heart. The kids will definitely have a great time while learning at the same time in this museum. While the kids are here, you and your spouse can take your own break in diVINE Spa in 4th Ave. South which offers the best massage service.

Naples Botanical Garden

If the exotic animals are too much for you or maybe for you kids, you can try a more serene ambiance in the Naples Botanical Garden. The garden has plants that come from all over the world from Brazil to Japan. All are maintained by the best horticulturalists the city has. There are even ponds and pavilions that complement the calming atmosphere that the plants provide. There plants are sectioned according to continent they came from so it’s like travelling the world while you’re here.

Historic Palm Cottage

This nice little traditional cottage was built way back in 1895, making it the oldest house in Naples, Florida. Both the interior and exterior are well-preserved, skillfully capturing the beauty of a bygone era. The house went through a series of renovation througout the course of its existence but it still stands proudly.

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