Southwest Florida has some of the most stunning white sand beaches of the world. Locals and tourists flock its clear shores daily for some sunbathing or a cool dip. Reputable travel magazines bear witness to its sheer beauty and thus, the beaches hold some of the most important water sporting competitions in the world. Families and friends are always seen having fun, taking a dip or just having a lazy walk by the shore. However, occasionally, there are some very important events that happen on these beaches to which the droves of people swarm to. Such events are the world jet-ski championship or the annual world sandcastle building championship just to name a couple. Most of the beaches are public-run places and have not entrance fee but there are some hotels too that offer exclusive access to beaches that are part of their property. If you are looking for some private time and have an extra budget to spare, then this is something you may want to look into.


The appreciation for southwest Florida’s beaches goes way back to its founding years, where the pioneers like Barron Gift Collier being attracted to its sheer beauty. Even recognizable names such as Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison, just to name a few, have fallen in love with the white sandy beaches and the glorious sunsets. To add to that list, even the great writer Ernest Hemingway himself had built his own dwelling in a remote island somewhere around the Everglades area. These remarkable people from almost a hundred years ago experienced some of the most important turning points in their lives in this little paradise and this attracted many investors who built their resort hotels, and many tourists to come and visit here (not to mention the retirees) to share the same awe these figures of the American culture experienced. And so far, we can confidently say, that it has not disappointed since.


  • Go to Naples Pier or any of the beaches along its coast and be prepared for the most epic sunset you will ever see in your life. Guaranteed. Hands down.
  • Parking can be a hassle because of the sheer number of motorists who will be competing for space so we recommend taking a bike or heading there on foot if you can manage.
  • The New Year’s fireworks display is best viewed from the beach. Boats carrying the fireworks will be adrift by the Gulf of Mexico and as the clock strikes 12, a fantastic display of lights will follow.
  • Shelling is a wonderful activity in the beaches. Taking shells is not illegal that’s why you can bring home a little souvenir with you.
  • To preserve the cleanliness of the area, there are no large food and other establishments of the like around the beaches. Make sure you come to the beach prepared with your food and other necessities.
  • Divine Naples offers a service where we can bring food right to where you are at the beach. Just contact us and we’ll deliver the food over to you, no need to leave your spot!

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