The City of Naples allows residents to store non-mechanized vessels on open property at particular areas on the shoreline. There are five sand areas for sailboats, and other comparable vessels. But we will get into this in a bit later. Notwithstanding the sand areas, we have a sum of three kayak racks at two areas, which hold six kayaks or other comparable vessels not to surpass 15′ long per rack.

Speaking of non-motorized or non-mechanized vehicles, one thing comes to mind immediately, and that is cycling. Naples, Florida, is a bike friendly city with more than 30 miles of bike pathways (the city is under 14 square miles) and cycle-accommodating roadways. New street development and zoning is considering the requirements for bike paths and the Naples Pathway Coalition is attempting to extend bicycle and pedestrian walkways all through our city.

The Naples Streets and Stormwater Division is redesigning existing bicycle paths. The city will be putting in new 20-foot long green bicycle pathways at intersections with bicycle paths. These pathways and road markings are designed for use in high-movement regions subjected to vehicular and bike activity.

The City of Naples has confidence in supporting cycling as an activity and an extraordinary approach to get around town. What’s more, the new bicycle paths will serve to enhance security for both drivers and cyclists.

Aside from biking there are other non-motorized but highly physically intensive activities you can do around the city such as kayaking and maybe even hiking. Having said that, we will now give you the information about the boat storage locations we mentioned at the beginning of this article.


Location Information

  • $25 wait list fee, non-refundable, permanent wait list
  • $240 yearly fee for space rental
  • One rental per family/person
  • Permit is valid from Oct 1 – Sept 30th of the following year


  • 18th Ave S
  • 17th Ave S
  • 1st Ave S
  • Central Ave
  • Via Miramar

Kayak Rack Location Information

  • No wait list fee
  • $120 yearly fee for space rental
  • One vessel per rack
  • One rental per family/person
  • Permit is valid from Oct 1 – Sept 30th of the following year


  • 3rd Ave N (2 racks)
  • Lowdermilk Park (1 rack)

Waiting Lists
Waiting list applications may either be mailed or dropped off with the appropriate documentation* to:

City of Naples
ATTN: Boats on the Beach Program
280 Riverside Cir
Naples, FL 34102

*Appropriate documentation: A duplicate of your driver’s license should be submitted with the application to give verification of City residency. On the off chance that you are part time resident, but own property in the City of Naples, please give a duplicate of your out-of-state driver’s license and a copy of your property taxes for evidence of City residency.

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