Bonita Beach is a Lee County stop on the Gulf of Mexico right between Collier County and Lee County. This small bit of land has a unique importance. On the off chance that you begin strolling south along the shoreline, you quickly step foot onto Barefoot Beach and you can stroll for miles along the shoreline, through Barefoot Beach Preserve beach, the greater part to the path south should lead to Wiggins Pass.

You’ll go by some lovely beachfront homes plus you won’t encounter many people on this extend of shoreline. You’ll easily fall in love with the excellence and quietness of Barefoot Beach. In case you look north from the passageway to the shoreline at Bonita Beach Park, you’ll see Doc’s Beach House and the rental booth for parasail rides, stream skis, a wide range of shoreline hardware and shoreline toys. Starting here, you can likewise walk north for a couple of miles before you reach Big Hickory Pass.

In this manner, you can stroll along the shoreline everlastingly on either way heading from Bonita Beach Park. Walk south for a more normal setting and remain around the main range for more visitors, more activity, the shoreline rentals, beach volleyball, and people sight-seeing. You also have the Lee County part with restrooms, showers, park tables and little structures.

Parking may come a bit difficult so arrive ahead of schedule amid the bustling season. Other parking spaces accessible incorporate a reserved Lee County parking area promptly north of Docs’ Beach House (still helpful to the greater part of the tour and there are a couple of flame broils and structures here, as well). You’ll have to pay by the hour for these spaces and show the machine receipt on your dashboard – and yes, some officers come around to check your termination time on the receipt slip.

Adjoining the parking area for Bonita Beach toward the south, is a parking zone called Barefoot Beach Access and this is particularly great on the off chance that you have a Collier County beach parking sticker on your windshield since your vehicle can stay there for free. Otherwise, you’ll be paying $8 to the machine to get a receipt for your dashboard; and yes, again – somebody will be checking frequently to avoid any instance of law breaking.

Next to the lounge areas and social venues at Bonita Beach, shelling can be excellent along Bonita Beach. We have found some our closest to perfect locations on the shorelines north of Doc’s Beach House. In the occasion that finding sand dollars is a leisure activity for you, by then you should be walking north along the shoreline starting close Beach Access #7. Particularly at low tide, the shallow waters along the sandbars here are a prime zone for finding sand dollars. People can easily find 100 sand dollars in an hour’s round on numerous occasions along this shoreline. Remember, if a sand dollar is is dull and has something mushy inside it, it’s alive. Do not take it. It’s illegal.

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