A snazzy tan is more than what you can take home when you visit the beautiful beaches of the Paradise Coast. Take a cozy walk along the beach and pick up all kinds of shells that you can take home with you as souvenirs. These may include conch shells, sunray Venus, jingle shells and many more. Naples, Florida and Marco Island benefit from the offshore currents that bring most of these shells to land. This is why you’ll find many seashells that end up in many of the region’s unchartered islands.

Get up close and personal with the region’s natural environment as you take on an easy cruise along the islands even if it’s just for the sole reason of shelling. It’s important to remember though that taking living things off the island is prohibited. That’s why if you want to take say, for example, a starfish, you have to make sure it’s no longer living.

If you’d like to learn more about the wildlife in southwestern Florida while at the same time getting on with your shelling excursion, we recommend you hire one of the many charters available in many places in the region. Here, you’ll get to see the amazing waterfront homes of Naples, Florida’s wealthier citizens. These boat trips even take a brief stop in Keewaydin Island. It’s a very small and remote uninhabited island which is 7 miles long and which is also great for, guess what, more shelling activities.

Along the trip you should enjoy the pristine views of the Gulf of Mexico, then after this, you may want to head further south to Marco Island for some dolphin watching and more shelling tours. Then you may want to continue your beach escapade with the many remote and laid back shores of the Ten Thousand Islands. The nice thing about the beaches in this part is that there are not much people compared to the more lively and robust beaches of Naples. So, if privacy is more of your thing then these beaches are definitely for you.

The waters around the gulf are more teaming with marine wildlife. Dolphins and sea turtles are always about are very much a welcome sight amongst visitors. The best thing is that these sea creatures like to be a part of your selfies too.

Shells and gorgeous beaches are only some of the attractions on this blessed coast. Fishing and kayaking are popular too as well as hiking activities that bring you very much close to nature. Take in a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air brought about by the trees and the plants. The locals and the guides are more than glad to educate you on all that there is.

Take a dip in the cool waters of the beach and then take home the pretty shells with you. The Paradise Coast is proud of its award-winning beaches that get tourists coming back for more. People never leave this part of Florida without a big smile on their faces. Now, your tan lines are not the only ones that you can show once you return from your vacation.

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