Naples, Florida has a rising night life scene with bars and clubs opening left and right. With the number of tourists flocking by the hundreds of thousands every year, filling the beaches and the hotels, it’s no wonder why more night bars are going in business to accommodate these guests. There are many places you can crash to in case you need a watering hole in Southwest Florida and these joints are teaming with mixed mojitos, martinis and margaritas. Most of these mixed party drinks have a tropical summer theme to them which fits well as you lie on your recliner while watching the best sunset in the world.

Many of the bars you’ll see in Florida are open-walled, meaning, they the bar where they serve the drinks usually is just under a roof, that forms a pavilion-like structure, so you’ll get to have a view of the gulf and for the warm ocean breeze to simply pass through. The open spaces and the breezy outdoors motif gives a freer rather than a congested feeling you may feel in, say, a club in the middle of the city where walls are all around that makes the place feel even tighter than it already is. The mobility and elbow room that the tropical bars in Florida provides a conducive ground for more mingling with locals and tourists alike.

And the drinks they serve may have pineapples like the Pinacoladas which offer a pleasantly sweet experience while sporting your best floral shirt. There are also lime martinis all around to spice up that flirting experience that you may or may not find while in the hot beaches of the Paradise Coast, but whichever the case, a glass of lime martini will never disappoint. And for the ladies, the margaritas would always be present. That classic tequila mix are blended so well in the bars of Southwest Florida that it would make you feel transported to a romantic latino country and with a few more rounds, you will be speaking their language too – fluently.

One of the things people look forward too is the Happy Hours of each bar. This is when the special drinks that you can only find in Florida come out, like the Miami Vice Cocktail. Check out our website to see the Happy Hours of the bars that are near you as well as special events and promotions that are on your way.

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