One can never separate Naples, Florida to delectable food. The freshest seafood and amazing cuisine from all over the world that’s prepared by seasoned chefs can be tasted here. This celebration of the palette is done annually through the Taste of Collier. The annual Taste of Collier is a non-profit event that’s slowly becoming an indelible tradition within the region. It began in 1983 when the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association decided to express their gratitude to the people due to their patronage of local bars and restaurants. So, every year they have been inviting sponsors so they can host an event where restaurateurs, chefs, visitors and locals enjoy the local dishes and delicacies.

The Taste of Collier is an afternoon of gastronomic delight and fun for the whole family. Friends, neighbors and tourists come together in a feast of food served in a chain of booths and tents located in a wide, open-air area. Kebabs, sausages, stir-fry noodles, scallops, fish, crabs and many more are being prepared on the spot by cooks under their tents. As they’re being prepared, you can see the colors and the quality of the foods, hear the crackling sounds from the pan as your meal is being cooked and smell them as steam and smoke rise from the frying pans. And, of course, the best part is you can get to taste all of them. The Taste of Collier is a celebration of the senses just as much as it is a celebration of food.

The event also features chefs from local restaurants displaying their talent to the public while some can take a few notes from the cooking tips they give. Attendees can marvel at their culinary creations while at the same time learning kitchen trick or two themselves. And while the event is happening and everybody’s munching on their tasty meals, live bands that would be playing on the side to keep everyone entertained.

However, the Taste of Collier is not just for entertainment. The event also is a catalyst for charitable organizations to raise funds for their noble causes. The fundraising efforts have amassed millions of dollars for over 30 years and have helped numerous causes achieve wonderful things for the community.

Entrance is $5 per person but children under ten are free of charge. Once inside, to get to have a sample of the food and drinks available, you must purchase their Food and Beverage Tickets which are sheets of 10 papers that cost $10. These tickets will be your currency to get your hands into those delicious treats. Most samples should be just 1 to 7 tickets, so it’s good value for your money.

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