Venturing into the nightlife of Naples, Florida may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when spending time here. Yet surprisingly, there is enough spunk and vibrant gigs that you may find yourself enjoying when doing some bar hopping in a weekend night with friends- particularly on Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South

In those two spots, you should find the hippest line up of bars for you to choose from, complete with live entertainment going on at some of them. However, many of Naples most popular watering holes are well-loved at night but more so during the day with their views and day-life just as much as the parties at night.

Wherever there’s a nice water view in Naples – which is to say, all over the place – you will find a bar that takes advantage of this view. These range from the sandy, barefoot scene to the shady backwaters.

This list seeps out the best bars by scoping the range of types, price and location. Some are popular because of their fine selection of beers, liquors and mixed drinks; others because they reflect the true party spirit of Naples – yes, a little more relaxed than you will find in some Florida towns, but nonetheless reflects the spirit (no pun intended) of the location and the people that inhabit it.

There are Irish and British themed pubs in the area that’s a perfect place to grab some beer, craft beers for that matter. Burgers, salads, sandwiches are the usual chow in here so if you’re up to grab a quick bite, during the day that it. But at night, it’s also a suitable place to land in and if this kind of place is your thing then, there are these themed pubs for you and your buds to check out.

Remember those restaurants in the Everglades that serve seafood and those famous Stone Crabs and exotic fried frog legs? Well, turns out they have something for night hawks too. After some fishing during the day you can crash in on one of these places for some nice ambiance of old wood, historic mounted pieces, pipe organs and various interesting curious from the past and, of course, some nice cold beer.

But if you are the more fancy type of person, then there are European themed pubs here that offer cocktails too. Some are Irish and British and there are even Italian themed bars that give life to both the day and night life here in Naples, Florida.  Octopus, oysters and, let’s not forget, pizza and pasta are the ones that make the patrons come back for more.

So, if you are up for some continental blend, burgers, absinthe and different kinds of spirits as well as good music and maybe a little dancing, then Naples, Florida’s nightlife maybe just for you. Cocktail drinks, craft beers, rye, wine, whiskey are all abound when the night falls on Naples. And one last tip, if you are out with your friends and you are looking to create long and lasting memories while partying here, mix alcohol and dancing. Trust us.

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