Exploring the Ten Thousand Islands in Southwest Florida is indeed a marvelous experience. But the great thing about it is you can choose how you want to explore. You can choose to see it from above through a plane, you can do it through a motorboat but then there are those people who like it rough, people who’ve been paddling their kayaks for a while and are looking for a bit of a challenge. You can find these people enjoying their time in the Indian Key Pass. This is the sea pass that leads to the Indian Key where you can take a rest by the beach and marvel at some old structures that were built more than a hundred years ago but are now abandoned.

The Ten Thousand Islands is made up of many small islands that are so close together that they form unpredictable, rushing and sometimes swirling currents. This can be either a problem to canoe or kayak paddlers or a welcome challenge, depending on who you ask. Either way, people come here on a yearly basis just to paddle their way through to reach the Indian Key and most of them seem to have a good time. It is important though to check the tides and the weather conditions before heading out to the Gulf of Mexico to avoid any problems. You can best do this by coordinating with the local ranger or by visiting the Everglades National Park’s Visitor Center. Securing a permit before embarking on the waters is a must.

The Indian Key Pass is a well marked location, though it is still advisable to bring a nautical map with you. You can get a waterproof sample at the Visitor Center. You may start by waiting for high tide at the Everglades city. You will go through a channel that will lead you out of it and into the open sea. There may be motorboat traffic along the channel so keep in mind to avoid them. If you leave an hour after the tides have shifted then you will get the most favorable current for your trip. Then, simply follow the markers that will go for 4.5 miles until you reach the Indian Key where you can dock to have your picnic or go fishing in a primitive manner. You may even decide to camp overnight for the best outing experience. Make sure to check for any incoming storms before you decide to do so as storms can come in unexpectedly in Florida at any time of the year.

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