One of the things the city of Naples, Florida is so famous for is its people’s affinity for the sport of golf. Championship tournaments are held here annually across several golf courses. These golf courses number to more or less a hundred including the championship level golf courses. People from all over the globe flock to see these tournaments, if not participate in it themselves. Some simply play casually and in leisure and that’s also a great way to spend time in the city. The sport itself is so popular and gets so much praise and acclaim that the city itself has been dubbed “the golf capital of the world”.

Having said this, it is actually the major hotels in the city that own many of these wildly attractive golf courses as one of their many amenities. These hotels themselves are awarded for the excellence in their services and are considered the best hotels in the US if not in the world. This tells us that the golf courses should be on par with the excellence that they reflect in the other areas of their service like their dining centers, spas, fitness centers and so on. Well, on a side note, these hotels offer splendid views of the gulf, sandy coasts and nice lagoons too so that’s always a plus. There are other hotels with golf courses that are perfectly close to the downtown area. So, if you are looking for a stroll or want to see the shops on Fifth Avenue then these are the types we recommend that will be suitable for your vacation.

We also would like to recommend for you to check up on our Golf Section in the Divine Naples website so we can filter the golf courses nearest to you and the one that suits you the best. We have a ton of information regarding the golf courses, the best hotels and the sport of golf in general in that section. So if you’re an avid fan of golf and would like to try it in Naples or if not you came here specifically for the reason that you’d want to play golf then we hope the section can help you out a bit.

Playing the sport of golf in the city of Naples if one of the best ways to spend your time here and we can guarantee you this. After all, this city wouldn’t be known to be the world’s golfing capital if it weren’t so. The best golf courses and the perfect weather go hand in hand in making the perfect place to get that tee ready.

Thus, we invite you all to come and visit Naples and experience what the city has to offer in the world of golf. Trust us when we say that people wait in great anticipation for every important golf match over here and you too can be a part of this excitement. All you have to do is to book that ticket, visit for more information about the city and you are in for a massively great time.

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