You can experience Florida’s magnificent environment in a variety of interesting and adventurous ways when you jump right in to Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades. These beautiful places are collectively known as the Paradise Coast. Eco-cruise boats, paddling in kayaks, expert guided tours, white sandy beaches and stunning sunsets will be the center of the adventures that waits for you here.

Kayaks and canoes are the ideal vessels to discover the rivers, lakes, creeks, canals and the many coastal estuaries that make up most of southwest Florida.

If you want to mix together adventure and learning new things in your paddling experience, the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve conducts guided kayak trips through mangrove forests and backwater channels. A must-see is the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, where they exhibit a gigantic 2,300-gallon aquarium display. Now, how’s that for an attraction?

Taking a cruise boat on the waters of the Ten Thousand Islands and Rookery Bay is an excellent way to enjoy your stay. You and your fellow passengers can play an expert environmentalist by assisting dolphin researchers on the ongoing project to learn more of these adorable mammals.

Many other cruises combine tropical sightseeing the blue sea and beautiful birds with manatee and dolphin watching. It’s not at all unusual to spot a glimpse of happy dolphins playing near a boat, or manatees swimming and chilling under the green shallow waters.

Now that you’ve had your tour on water, it’s time to see what’s happening on land. Being on a bike gives you a chance to explore the urban sights as well as what’s happening around the natural environment by taking your wheels outside the city. Enjoying the Florida sun while the cool wind hits your face is probably one of the best things in life.

Pedal through the gorgeous downtown area of Naples and take in views of the Gulf while being surrounded by stunningly beautiful Mediterranean inspired architecture. Marco Island is a treat for nature lovers. The predominantly green environment gives you a chance to see rare creatures such as the burrowing owl and our friends from the sea like the dolphins and the manatees. Meanwhile the Everglades City isn’t short of things to see either. Riding the bike will reward you with natural wonders, all seen in panoramic view. Diverse landscapes including swamps and marshes, prairies and an abundance of truly fascinating wildlife will keep you interested.

Hop aboard an elevated swamp buggy for a wild tour of the Everglades and see all the beauty that the area has to offer up close and personal. These rough and edgy rides with enormous tires can get you right out into the swamps and prairies of Big Cypress National Preserve, and lets you get real close with the animals that live and breed in the legendary River of Grass. The Everglades is one of the world’s most protected natural resources and it’s waiting for your discovery.

Venturing in all these places will surely complete your trip in this side of the sunshine state, so come and book a ticket right away.

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