If you ask us, it’s always a great time to visit Naples, Florida the whole year round. The sun is always out, clear blue skies, happy wildlife, peaceful communities, and festivals left and right happen at any given time of the year. There are many museums, shopping malls, wildlife sanctuaries and beaches that are open to people no matter where they’re from or whenever they may want to visit. Food and music festivals from different organizers that attract many people are held in various parts of the region at least every month. Thanks to the regions amazing climate and the bountiful harvests of both the blessings of land and the sea, Southwest Florida is able to welcome everyone warmly.

However, if based on the prices, weather and the number of people, we say that the very best time to visit Naples is from May to October. This is when the weather is the best since this covers the summer season and the influx of people are a bit less because the time when hotels are packed in here is during the winter season when people are trying to escape the cold winter. Moreover, if you head down further south to the Everglades, the months of May and October can be most favorable for you if you are looking to have a taste of the famous Stone Crab since these are the months in which these succulent and juicy crustaceans are in season. Best served chilled, these mouth-watering delights, with a bit of lemon zest, can make your visit in this region worthwhile.

The clear skies provide a perfect opportunity for a host of activities you and your friends and family can enjoy while staying in Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas. Take for instance the diving opportunities. There are shipwrecks that you can find just near Fort Myers. Or, if you want something with more speed, you can ride the jet ski and enjoy the view while doing tricks. You may even participate in the Watercross events that happen during the best months to visit. But your water activity does not end there as there are ways where you can do parasailing if the weather conditions are favorable, which they most likely will be. Now, you can fly too like the Seahawks and the herons along the coast. Kayaking and boating on the mangrove waterways is a popular option too where you can see manatees and even go fishing. However, if you want something more terrestrial, you can do hiking in along Big Cypress National Preserve and spot the very rare Ghost Orchid. Also, you may want to go biking in some parts of the Tamiami trail where you can spot turtles and alligators on the roadside.

These are just a few of the many activities you can do while visiting Naples, Florida. Check out the Tourist Guide section of the website or visit the Articles section for more tantalizing information about what you can do. However, the best way for you to go about this is to consult people who are experts in all things Southwest Florida, so do visit us in our headquarters at downtown Naples and get free concierge service and a hot cup of espresso!

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