If you are looking for an open space where you can conduct your birthday parties, picnics and other gatherings, or a place where you can play sports with the various sports fields available to everybody, then we recommend you try the Immokalee Parks. There are three distinct parts on three different locations but all within Immokalee. Each park has distinct features that can cater to your specific needs. There’s a park for picnic, a park for sports and a park where you can relax and chill by the pool or go crazy over the water slides. No matter what floats your boat the Immokalee Parks has got you covered. Let’s explore these three parks.

The first one we’ll cover is the Immokalee Airport Park. To get there you need to take the Immokalee Road that’s East from Naples then turn right on Main Street. Once there, you should find the park on the east side of the road and very close to the Immokalee Airport. This park is great if you like to go under the shade of the trees and do a little picnic with family and friends. Birthday celebrations and social gatherings are in demand in the park because it boasts an amphitheater, a pavilion and a playground where you can leave the kids to enjoy so they don’t get too bored in the party. The last thing you want in a social situation like this is a kid who’s throwing a tantrum out of boredom so it helps to keep them occupied.

However, if you are looking for a sports area where you can play games with the kids and teach them how to play sports so they can have fun and develop themselves physically and mentally, then you would want to go to the Immokalee Community Park. The park has a baseball field that has lights, a few basketball courts, a lit playground for smaller kids where they can play around and socialize, a tennis court for those who want to really sweat it out, a four-wall racquet ball court where you can play to your hearts’ content and by the time you and the kids get hungry there is a picnic shelter and picnic area for you guys to enjoy the meals that you brought along with you.  The Immokalee Park is in a different location. It can be found in 321 N. 1st St. Immokalee, FL 34142.

The Immokalee Community Park is great for picnics and casual playing of sports but if you’re looking for something more intensive as well swimming in a pool then Immokalee Sports Complex is for you. This complex has a gym, an indoor basketball court a fitness center and an aquatic facility that’s a 24 x 25 meter pool that’s heated and a one meter spring board.

If you are touring around Naples area and are not sure where to go, then head on to our website and visit our Tourist Guide section where we tell you the latest events and the coolest places you can go while visiting. This saves you a lot of time instead of thinking and looking around.

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