Naples, Florida has both a laid-back and an exciting climate. On ordinary days it’s calm and relaxing, but when there’s a festivity going, the place gets really alive. So what’s the best companion when things are going smooth? Beer. And what if it’s really pumped up? Beer. The people of Naples, Florida love beer so much that there had been a surge of crafted beer pubs that sprouted left and right and there seems to be no stoppage to them. In fact, people here enjoy cracking a cold one with the boys so much that this love culminates in The Naples Craft Beer Fest which happens yearly.

The Naples Craft Beer Fest is when people in Naples, Florida get together to celebrate the well-loved beverage that is, of course, beer. Every year, an array of uniquely tasty beer arrives from all over the country (and from around the world) to be featured in this locally popular event. All have fancy blends that are sure to keep your liquor palette interested – guaranteed to please even the most discriminating taste. The new as well as the frequented local breweries make a show too as they feature their new blends and flavors for the public to try.

To make this tasting event even tastier, the sponsors and partners added food to pair with the beer tasting event. This is to enhance the flavor of the beers and that it’s not an overall bad idea since you’re already there to drink so why not have your meal too. The foods served are even matched with a specific blend to truly bring out that distinct flavor the brewers like for you to taste.  At the end of the event, the most talented chef who paired the tastiest dish to the perfect beer would receive the People’s Choice Award and the beer experts and the representatives in attendance would then decide who they would give The Brewer’s Choice Award. All these great fun for the sight, smell and tongue happens in The Bayfront in Naples and lasts from midday until sundown. Then, there will also be a local band that’ll keep the guests entertained with great music to go along with their palatable treats. The best part about this is the proceeds go to charity via the local Rotary Club so the event is all about fulfilling a good cause.

The Naples Craft Beer Fest is a great celebration of fun and experimentation. Tickets are always sold out early on so if you’re planning to go, we advise that you get your tickets a few months early. Should you want more information, you can visit or tune in to Divine Naples Daily once the event is fast approaching. Rich and Matt can fill you in with the important details as well as other things you need to know when in Naples, Florida area. If you’d like something you can read, head on to the Tourist Guide section of the website where we can point you to the latest happening in town.

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