Perhaps one of the most interesting things in life is a child’s sense of awe. Their fascination for many different things that lead them to ask many different questions strikes a chord to many of us adults. The joy they feel whenever we see them frolic in the sand, run around with the other children or widen their eyes as they know more about the world around them is the joy we feel too.  It, then, becomes our responsibility as good citizens and as loving parents to educate our children about protecting the natural environment. And it so happens that the Paradise coast is a perfect place to start learning.

Southwest Florida is teeming with wildlife. This provides a spectacular opportunity for parents to show their kids the wonders of nature and let them know that they are to be the guardians of it in the process. There is no shortage of attractions to be found along the region. Marco Island and the Everglades, have manatees, pelicans, alligators and migratory birds from various species. There are packages for kayaking and boat riding along the mangroves that are child-friendly so that’s definitely a chance that should not be missed.

Naples, on the other hand, has lots of beaches for them to explore. Seabirds, dolphins and many other sights will surely delight them while building sandcastles after getting a dip in the sea. Get a pair of binoculars or a good camera, head along the boardwalk and see the sea animals put on a show. And at the end of the day, you can always join them admire the breath-taking sunset.  You may also choose to go along a nature trail along the woods and collect beautiful shells that serve as your free souvenir from Naples.

Naples zoo can also be a great choice. It’s one of the more interesting outdoor attractions in the city. Kids will surely enjoy the Lemurs, monkeys, apes and the limber Fossa that are sure to be entertaining and will make your children know of the importance of animals. Hotels too offer exciting hands-on experience for the kids and nature-themed interactive lessons for the young and young at heart. Some of the hotels feature huge aquariums that let the kids know more about marine life. Guest speakers are also there to teach kids more about protecting wildlife and give insights to the adults about conservation practices that are beneficial for the natural environment.

These children-centered programs and activities are amazing ways to get your kids be more informed and become excellent stewards of nature as they get older. All these things let your kids know about the responsibility for preserving all the good things in this planet while having fun at the same time. There is so much for us to benefit when we know we are investing in the right way to secure the well-being of the planet for future generations. Thus, we all invite you to be one with the mission to rescue Mother Nature by letting you and your children be more educated about the matter while at the same time creating fun memories here in the Paradise coast.

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