All Collier County property citizens and full-time inhabitants are qualified to get a yearly permit to park vehicles at all City of Naples and Collier County shorelines at no cost. Residents of the City of Naples may get their yearly shoreline parking permit by following the information here. Residents must give evidence of residency, particularly, a drivers permit and unique vehicle registration, both with the same name and address inside as much as possible. Out-of-state people who claim property in within the reaches of the city should give a duplicate of their Collier County tax documents mirroring an address in the limits of the city, and in addition their latest approved drivers permit and vehicle enlistment.

All beach enclosures in the City have multi-space parking pay stations for clients that don’t have a beach parking permit. Stopping by is not free, it is $2.50 per 60 minutes. These machines are strategically placed close to the passage to the parking zone or beach get to the point easily. They accept coins and American Express, Discover, VISA, and MasterCard. At regular intervals of stopping costs $.25, or a sum of $2.50 every hour. At least $1.25 is required.

When you leave your vehicle, make a note of your parking spot number, you should enter that number into the parking machine. When you write your parking spot into the payment station and the screen will show the time your installment will terminate. You can likewise Extend-byPhone by including your mobile phone number at the finish of your exchange. This will advise you 10-15 minutes preceding the termination of your meter and will enable you to expand your meter’s opportunity, to stay away from any parking infringement.

The City of Naples offers numerous open beach access spots to the Gulf of Mexico along 9 miles from Clam Pass to Gordon Pass with Doctors Pass in the middle. The beach access points have parking spaces that are right next to them, for your convenience. From the North toward the South they include:

  • Horizon Way – Park Shore Drive West then left
  • on Gulf Shore Blvd to Horizon Way Beach* Vedado Way – From US41 in The Moorings, head
  • west on Harbour Drive, turn right on Gulf Shore Blvd N to Vedado Way* Via Miramar Beach
  • – From US 41 in the Moorings, head west on Harbour Drive, Left on Gulf Shore Blvd N to Via Miramar.

A handicap ticket violation fine is $250 all other violation fines are $100. Both types of tickets have a $2 surcharge added for sole purpose of funding the local school program, therefore the total cost for a handicap parking violation is $252 and the total cost for all other parking violations is $102. Timely payment of a parking fine (excluding a handicap violation) will reduce the cost of the ticket.

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