The beauty of southwestern Florida not only is a feast for the eyes with all the beautiful sights all around but it is also a feast for the stomach. Restaurants are one of the main things the city of Naples is proud to share with the tourists and there is a cuisine for every taste. There is a plethora of options for the gurgling belly in the downtown district of Naples city alone featuring cuisine from all over the world. The food is always fresh as they were obtained locally from resident farmers and are all prepared by seasoned chefs. But the experience is not confined into your plate. There is valet parking; the overall ambiance sets the kind of luxury you deserve, with fine music and a view of the beach. Each trip fills all of the five senses. These as well as the attentive service of the people in the restaurant truly make dining in Naples, Florida an exquisite one.


One of the, if not the, oldest restaurant around the Naples area is the Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant and started operating as far back as 1944. This establishment is still open today and it’s situated on a rather remote island and is accessible only by boat. And as the 20th century progressed, restaurants came and gone and then some remained and became the stuff of local legends. It’s probably because of their business strategy or maybe it’s their food (we’re guessing it’s the latter) but whatever it may be, restaurants have always had a place in Naples’ society, where locals meet and gather and celebrate occasions like birthdays and weddings and where tourists can enjoy the excellent food. The excellence that many of these local restaurants give to their customers continues to astound people – be it the locals or the visiting tourist. People are truly enamored by the service; the ambiance and the food of the restaurants that they choose to keep on coming back despite the challenges the industry may face and so it looks like the restaurant industry in Naples, Florida isn’t going anywhere.


  • Italian cuisine, Japanese, Chinese, Fusion and good old American comforts can all be found around downtown Naples and it’s a great gastronomic trip every time.
  • The secret to the freshness of the dishes served in every restaurant is the fact that most of the food related establishments in Naples, Florida are in cahoots with the local farmers and fishermen.
  • Many restaurants have closed down because if the Hurricane Irma of 2017, but many opened new restaurants and still more just reopened under a new name.
  • Romantic dinners are the best when done in one of the restaurants that overlook the shore. Perfect for a wedding proposal. And since you’re already here, you might want to look into the outdoor beach weddings as well.
  • Happy Hours are something to look forward to in the restaurants of Naples. Drinks are at a discount and people tend to flock into the restaurants.


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