The recent hurricanes have dealt a terrible blow to the people in Florida and parts of South America. Properties were shattered, streets were flooded and the effects were catastrophic, to say the least. The Caribbean still has no power by the time of this writing and Puerto Rico has incurred damage so vast, many of the houses and lives were lost. Heartbreaking as this tragedy may be, we know in each and all of us that we will strive to rebuild all that we have lost and move on with life towards a positive future.

The hurricane Irma hit a landfall on Naples, Florida and it left a trail of destruction in its wake. Fortunately enough, if you can call it that, parts of Naples have not been badly hit compared to Miami and Tampa where the conditions were much worse at the aftermath of the storm.  This, combined with the resilient hearts of the people of Naples, made it quicker for them to pick up the pieces and start walking along the path to recovery.

Shops and tourist related establishments re-opened as early as October 1 with more businesses following suit. Currently, there is power and internet connection within the area and many households have generators on them. Though there is some debris left on the roads here and there, there are numerous active community efforts to clean the place up and some observers say that everything should be all back to normal as far as clean up is concerned by the beginning of next year. Divine Naples can grant you a connection with local servicemen who can do cleaning jobs and general household fixing like plumbing and electrical jobs all in a touch of a button.

One of the first places to resume operations after the storm is the historic Naples Pier. For those who don’t know, the Naples Pier is where people flock on a bright and sunny day with their families having picnics together with fishing enthusiasts and people who like to play beach sports like beach volleyball. The place also holds a historical significance to the city as it had once been used as a docking port for goods to enter the area back in the 1800’s – a far cry from the bird and dolphin watchers and happy people taking pictures here and there that you can easily see today. Visit our website to find out what places are available for you to spend your vacation in.

Many of the gated communities have been generally spared by the strong gusts and the flooding that happened thanks to the sturdy construction of the houses. This made the residents feeling generally safe. This makes Naples still a viable option when choosing a housing property. In the Divine Naples website, we can show you the best places where you can purchase a home at whatever range of budget.

There are so many ways to enjoy Naples, Florida despite all that’s happened. Be sure to check our website for updates and new things that are sure to delight every tourist.

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