Nothing beats a good day at a spa. There is no better feeling in the world than just to lie on your tummy and turn your brain off while you drift away into pure relaxation.  Luckily, there is a ton of sprawling resort spas around the Naples, and the surrounding areas in the region. Each is fully prepared to provide countless ways to get you to the ultimate bliss.

These spas also surround you with themes that take you to different cultures which certainly helps give that Zen mood to relax and rejuvenate your senses. From a Balinese-style massage to focusing your inner Qi to be in touch with your spirituality, the spas in the region are definitely all ready to give you a unique experience that will make you walk out of the spa site feeling like a new person.

There is one particular beach resort in Naples that offers an indoor and outdoor spa.  Guests may enjoy the shade of the Japanese-style pavilions around a lush garden. The garden, eastern motif and the great service all come together to treat their clients with an atmosphere of pristine beauty that gives the perfect rest for the weary soul.

There is another one located at the heart of downtown Naples. The place uses all organic products for their oils, creams and body firming lotions. They use a variety of wine and grape-seed extracts to ensure the best and most relaxing massages that takes the soul to a higher level. You can make a reservation here.

Still in Naples, there is a unique luxury spa that offers signature treatments for their valued clients. They boast their fruit-based facial massages and fruit-based oils that give your skin an instant tan. Special massages are offered too, of course; ranging from Reiki, Shiatsu, Beach Stone Therapy or a combination of any or all of those three. They also offer Swedish massages that use only the top quality aroma therapy oils. All of these are sure to purify and heal your mind and body.

A special golf resort offers quite a different experience as they treat their female guests like literal Javanese royalty through a kind of relaxing ritual. Guests can revive themselves with the turmeric and Jasmine scrub that leads to a yogurt bath while being surrounded by lovely petals. You can have that or you can choose an earth-based detoxifying experience that is sure to get rid of all the unwanted toxins that take a toll on your body.

For the men, there is a spa from a large hotel chain that offers services for their masculine clients. They have men’s massage and what they call the Power Hour that are sure to spike up the senses and make your body more robust so you can go get up and running again.

The massages recommended here are only a few of the many options one can get when wanting to get a massage to make the whole body relaxed and rejuvenated. All these services are sure to help sustain one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  We encourage all of you to try any of these for an unforgettable experience here in Naples, Florida.

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