It’s about time to put your love life up the next gear by making the pace slow all the way down. Ironic as it sounds, let us explain to you what we mean by this; and yes, you can do this while in the beautiful region of southwest Florida. Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades offer the most captivating romantic getaway that you and your loved one can take advantage of.  There is a very long list of activities for couples that you guys can savor at your very own pace. Throw into the list the most stunning beaches in the world, great hotel service and award-winning dinner places and you’ve got yourselves a weekend to remember.

Before we forget, this region, especially in Naples and Marco Island, is known for world famous golf courses designed by architects who are basically legends in the industry. You can spice up your love life by getting ready for a tee in the golf clubs that are scattered all over the cities. Most of these clubs are private but there are semi-private ones that open during May to December. Be sure to check with the concierge of the hotels the courses are associated with to get first-hand information on what to expect.

But once you have had your place in one of the courses, be prepared to be amazed by the swooning fairways and the design that’s not only pleasing to the eyes but also offer great challenges to those who want to try a swing. However, if you feel like your skills have gone kind of rusty; there are instructors that offer beginner to intensive golfing lessons to make sure you can get your ball to the right hole.

A day of golf is nice but if you want to be more in touch with nature, then take your loved one  to the gardens or a nature hike that are available at every turn. The Naples Botanical garden can set you in that nature vibe with plants that come from different parts of the world. There are also pavilions, displays and fountains that exhibit splendid architectural detail and they complement perfectly with the plants and the flowers that surround the guests. A romantic place such as this surely offers a perfect moment for a kiss.

Kayaking is also a perfect adventure for two. See the mangrove forests in the Everglades or hire a charter to see the dolphins and manatees. Take pictures of the birds perched in the branches of the trees or the ones the fly up in the sky. You can even go fishing either in the shallows or right in the Gulf of Mexico.

After a day in the water, what’s a perfect way to end a romantic date? Why, a romantic dinner, of course! Enjoy a nice candlelit dinner and be entranced by the sweet ambiance of the restaurants in Naples. This goes well with the freshest seafood that’ll ever grace your palette and the best wines to complement them. Truly, a day and a night spent in the Paradise Coast is the very pinnacle of romance.



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