Naples, Florida is named after one of the cities in Italy. And just like it’s counterpart in the Mediterranean, this cozy little city in Southwest Florida is perfect for dating, simply because of the views it has, both artificial and natural. There are luxurious palazzi that dominate its beach sides. Plus there are restaurants and museums that would surely make your date fall in love with you more. Think about it, if you associate yourself with handsome scenery, you will get more handsome yourself! So, let’s take a look at a few places you can take her so you can sweep her off your feet.

Fifth Avenue South

Take her out to shopping to the oldest street in Naples. It’s filled with art shops and artists doing their masterpieces outdoors, plazas restaurants and fountains. In Fifth Avenue South, there are boutique stores, jewelry shops and designer clothing shops that will fill many bags which you will be carrying later on, thanks to your credit card. But if she’s that fine, we’d bet our last dollar there’s no telling where that money went.


Have a relaxing noon with your date at the diVINE Spa at Fourth Ave. South. Treat yourselves to the best facials, with soothing aromas and essential oils. All given to you by highly trained massage therapists who will take care of you all the way. There are organic massages that go well with their beauty products. You can choose a variety of massages from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Massage. We recommend you try their couples package for this.

Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach can be found along the same coastline as Naples Pier but this place is more suited for the lovers because of its more quiet atmosphere. Not many people come here as much as they do Naples Pier so this can be a silent retreat for the couples who would like to hold hands while walking barefoot in the sand with the waves washing off their footprints. This is also a good time to kiss under arguably the most beautiful sunset in the world.


The water trails and the rivers in the region offer endless treats to all those choose the way of the paddle. The Gordon river provides kayakers with a close view of egrets and other migratory birds who perch on mangrove trees that surround all of them. In the Everglades there’s a chance you’ll spot a manatee feeding the thick grasses from the rivers and may even want to play with you guys. In Marco Island, there’s a kayaking trail that would take you to the Ten Thousand Islands where you can set out to camp and watch all the stars at night, free from the light pollution of the cities.

These are just some of the few things that would spark up the romance between you two. There are many other option waiting for you and your partner to be discovered, the surprises are simply endless. Have a romantic trip

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