The gorgeous beaches of Naples, Florida offer many picture perfect scenes. This is why outdoor weddings are very popular here. There are many restaurants and hotels and beachfronts that offer package deals so couples can have the most romantic wedding experience ever. Wedding planners have their schedules fully booked year after year with men from all over the country who got a ‘yes’ when they popped the question and are eager to tie the knot in the Paradise Coast. Once you’ve decided on the biggest decision of your life—who to wed, your next most immediate choice to make is the very place to have your wedding. As should be obvious, it’s difficult to ignore a tear-jerking beach wedding in the Naples area as you enter a life full of love and happy moments. Establishments and planners have many awesome packages for your wedding and they all seek to make your big day special. The salty breeze, the bright warm tropical backdrop and the romantic sunset all coalesce into what is, for a lack of a better term, perfection. This is the very stuff girls have been imagining since they were young.


An elaborate wedding has been a long-held tradition in the western culture. And as more and more people throughout the passage of time sought to make weddings unique but not deviate so much from the visuals and the rituals like the white wedding dress, flowers the reception and the guests, etc. It would not take much thinking to come up with the idea that Naples would be a great spot to conduct weddings. Naples, with its unbelievably blue-green seawater and one of kind white sand beaches, is an awesome place to celebrate your own wedding. The delicate ocean breeze and peaceful-looking palm trees all sing in unison to make a memorable environmental setting; and as the as the waves kiss upon the shore, they seem to offer sensational scenes amid the day, not to mention the immaculate sunsets and warm nights. It also helps that the majority of the island is a nature sanctuary that keeps Mother Earth happy, making it a tranquil setting for couples who are having their honeymoon to take a tour around the place and appreciate their special first night as a couple.


  • Couples must settle their marriage license in Florida before setting up a wedding in Naples area
  • If you had been married before and got divorced, you will need a Proof of Marital Status to prove you are single once more.
  • It is also necessary to provide details of your age, residency and identity. This involves turning over your Social Security details to the local council.
  • Marriage in Florida should be done by people 18 and older. However, there exemptions can be made to people as young as 16 years of age so long as the parents of the underage file consent.
  • We recommend that you hire a wedding planner should you want to get married in Florida. These people are experts who know the ins and outs of the Naples area and can hook you up to the right people who can facilitate everything in the ceremony.

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