Sunsets have always been an intensely magical experience for anyone who witnesses them. There is something powerful about it, in the way it nourishes the very soul. It is safe to say that there may be absolutely no person in this earth who does not appreciate sunsets. Especially gorgeous are sunsets on the beaches and coastlines. Whether enjoyed in solitude or with a certain loved one, watching a bright red sun against an orange and yellow sky, married to the calm and soothing waves that seem to dance with the lovely seabirds would all seem to tell us that this is what life is truly about. It is a very awe-inspiring experience that people would sometimes go out of their way just to catch it. But the brevity of it makes it all the more precious.

And where else would you find the most beautiful sunsets other than in Naples, Florida? So, having said all that, if you are looking for a great way to end the day in Naples then we have a few pro-tips that we would like to share with you so you can get the best out of your viewing experience.  Now, it is important to remember that there are two great ways for you to enjoy the setting of the sun in Naples, one is by land and the other is by sea. You can always pick which one you prefer or better yet, try both.

If you want to try it on land, one of the best ways to view it is by heading down to the Naples Pier. It is a beach area where people pop up their umbrellas and lay down their mats to take a dip in the cool water. There is also a long wooden boardwalk on one side of the area that leads to the deeper part of the shore and at the end of the walk is a small cottage where the watchers can enjoy things like bird watching, or seeing amazing dolphins put up a show or even fishing. But be sure to be there during the magic hour, you don’t want to miss that sunset!

Another beach that is surely up there is Vanderbilt beach. It is a coast that stretches up to 9 miles and is one of the more popular spots in the area. There are also upscale hotels along the area so it’s a great place to stay for the night, if you’re not already one of the guests in the hotels. And finally, you might want to try one of the many fancy restaurants that are near though not facing the shoreline. Delight your senses and your taste buds while fine dining. Listen to the accompanying band and enjoy the excellent local service while sipping champagne while the sun slowly hides beneath the waves in the background. Remember to keep these things in mind during your next visit if you plan to have a pleasant view and you won’t be disappointed.

The other way to definitely appreciate your viewing experience is watching the sunset by the sea. If you don’t already have a private yacht with you, you’d be pleased to learn that cruises and tours are available for all visitors and tourists. The boats vary in size and in affordability. The tours can range from the budget friendly to the grand and luxurious. Some of these tours require booking so it’s best if you plan ahead. Many of these trips take you first along the Gordon River where you may view lush mangroves plus a few beautiful looking houses and then to the coastline where you will get the chance to see some dolphins and then to the open sea where you will get a much better view of the sky and the sun.

And so there you have it. What better way to close the day than basking under the beautiful sunset? These pro-tips will surely help you in Naples. Whichever way you want to witness the sunset, it will always be an absolutely great experience if done in Naples, so great in fact that people literally clap their hands whenever it happens. Now grab your gear and take your friends and your loved ones with you or you’re going to miss that sunset!

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