Naples, Florida has a lot of great stuff going on. There are the restaurants, the museums, shops and of course the beaches. However, awesome this place may be, this is not only limited for humans. Naples, Florida can also be an amazing vacation place for your four-legged buddy, specifically, your dog. Rolling around the floor and taking naps all day as well as ruining your furniture can be hard work for your best friend. So, they deserve a little R&R too, just like you. Let’s look at some of the things you and your doggo can do while in Naples, Florida.


There are certain beaches around the Paradise Coast that welcomes dogs. There are rules though as you have to keep your dogs leashed while in the beaches. Aside from that it’s all fun and games in the sand. You can run across the beach with your dog, even take him for paddleboarding. It’s such an adorable sight to see a dog and his human stand together on a board in the middle of the water. You should give it a try. Well, that is if you’ve already learned how to paddleboard. If not, we’ve got this nice little article that you may want to read which teaches you the fundamental skills in paddleboarding.


There are certain hotel chains that do welcome dogs in their properties. These hotels have exclusive boats for their clients and this would be the perfect opportunity to take your dog with you out in the sea. You can even bring them for kayaking and there are also dog friendly hiking trails that will be made exclusive for you if you are a hotel client.  If you’re lucky, sometimes these hotels could do a promotional that can specifically make your dog happy and let him know who’s a good boy. However, you would want to inform the hotel staff that you will be brining a dog before checking in and bring vaccination certificates with you once you arrive in the property.

Farmer’s Market

Weekend mornings are always a good time to bring your dog out for a walk. Fruit, vegetables, preserved goods and some seafood stalls set up shop every 7:30-11:30 on Saturday to participate in the weekly Farmer’s Market in Third Street of Downtown Naples. Here, you can buy the freshest selection of goods straight from the farmers and fishermen of Naples, Florida as well as their by-products. And since the place will be full of people and other dogs, this will be a great time for your pet to be socialized with others. Best to keep your dog leashed so as not to get them all to excited.

Parks and Facilities

There are doggy day-care facilities on Naples which welcomes dogs. You can leave your dogs here all day and even go overnight. This is great in case you’re going to a place where dogs aren’t allowed. Say, you want to go to an art gallery or you’re going to a fine dine restaurant which does not accept dogs, these facilities will be perfect. They provide pet sitters and house your pet in a safe and clean environment where they can play, take baths and eat ice cream.

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