Are you looking for alligators? You may be one of those people who would go out of their way just to see one. Alligators do look awesome and you’re not alone in wanting to see these reptiles so don’t worry. You will definitely see them if you swing by Everglade’s Shark Valley. The Shark Valley is the entrance to the Everglades National Park and it’s just right off Tamiami Trail. This place offers a 15-mile smoothly paved trail that does not get traffic and is therefore a perfect place to ride your bike. And as for you alligator, you can find them on the side of this paved road – literally.

Aside from the numerous alligators that you’ll get to see along the way, there are also birds and herons that you will be able to spot on the nearby waters just right where the gators hang out. If you’re lucky, there’s also the occasional otters which is adorable. All these animals are already accustomed to being around people so they do not freak out in the presence of the visitors. The animals walk freely around the area and they are not enclosed by any form of fence, which can bring the tourists really close to them.

This bike trail offers vast open spaces for you to explore and be one with the local wildlife. You may even opt to jog along the trail if you don’t want to bring your bike; just make sure you’re able to run fast enough when the gators start chasing you (we’re kidding, they’re pretty friendly really so long as you don’t annoy them). The presence of the birds, the otters and gators tell us just how clean the environment is, thanks to the effort of the people who maintain the place and the visitors who know well how to respect the park.

For those who do not wish to walk or go biking, there’s an option for you to take a tram ride. This is perfect if you brought small children along with you as they just would have to sit while enjoying the beauty of nature. The park is at its busiest during the winter season where the parking lot is packed and there are many foreign tourists that can be seen going about. Picnic tables are available by the parking lot so perhaps you can fill up before taking on that 15-mile trip. Halfway along the road is an observation deck where you can get a better view of everything that’s pretty in the park which is open for business seven days a week. The Shark Valley is a cool place to bring your family to during the weekends or in holidays.

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