Chokoloskee is a tiny island with big potential for vacation and travel within the Collier County. It’s located just southeast of Naples, Florida and offers breathtaking tours for the whole family. This is a quiet yet welcoming community of a few thousand people and there are lots of fishing and camping opportunities to be had and both are awesome ideas for the weekend. Chokoloskee is just literally next to the famous Ten Thousand Islands so this can be a great stop if you wish to see the rest of these magnificent islands. Both locals and tourist can get something out of this remote paradise.

There is a small general store in the outskirts of Chokoloskee that is quite interesting. This is Ted Smallwood’s Store. Originally established back in 1906, this served as a hub for people back then who wanted to trade furs, pelts and other farming goods as a means for bartering with other essentials things that people needed to survive the often times treacherous terrain back then. This small store survived the test of time and several hurricanes and became included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. However, this time capsule sustained heavy damage in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Today, efforts are being made to restore the place in its former glory.

If you’re looking for some exciting activity in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or even just near the beach or even the freshwater areas, then renting a charter in Chokoloskee is a great way for you to begin. Anglers of all skill levels show up around these parts to prepare for their journey out in the open sea. They track the best fishes after waiting for the right time for them to appear then cast their lines. They first meet up with the local charter captains to plan out their trip, then come back with the all these big fishes, grouper, tarpon etc, that they proudly take pictures of.

Chokoloskee Island offers guided nature themed tours with a local naturalist. Some parks offer a guided kayak tour option from their nature tours, with a boat-assisted option. All their guides are formally trained and are locals themselves who grew up around the area. There is also plenty of space for RV campers who like to appreciate the outdoors as well as camping sites that can accommodate tents for those who like it primitive.

Chokoloskee is a fun place for those who like to explore the vast wilderness of southwest Florida. Either on land where you can go out camping and hiking or on water where you can catch the best fishes on a charter boat or even on air since the Ten Thousand Islands is best viewed from on top.

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