You want to spend your summer vacation in a peaceful white sand beach with palm trees, blue waters and equally blue skies? Then head on down to Lover’s Key National Park. This gorgeous 712 acre park is sort of an archipelago composed of four major barrier islands, namely Back Island, Inner and Long Key. All offer something unique to all beach goers who like to catch some warm breeze and dip in the cool waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Located in Fort Myers, the Lover’s Key even has its own beach resort nearby for those who like to spend a little extra. The place is also a nature park so there will be protected wildlife that can be spotted all over.

This remote barrier off the coast of Fort Myers was said to be only accessible by boat back in the day. This was the reason by it’s been frequented by lovers who would like to spend some time out in privacy so they can get intimate out in the open air, sat by the sand beside the rolling waves. There would be no one around except the marsh rabbits hopping out of the tall grass, the spoonbills and the bald eagles that circle around the sky, and the dolphins that leap out of the water to say ‘hi’. There’s the occasional manatee too who just minds his business, munching fresh seaweed, while you guys are minding yours.

Today, the place has become more accessible with the opening of the boardwalk and the installation of trams. The lovers can still enjoy their little pockets of paradise as there are still many areas in the four keys that are not frequented by the picnic goers and the hikers and bikers. On the horizon, facing the gulf, you’d be able to see the anglers, kayakers and the boaters at distance. Most of these sea vessels were launched from the boat ramp within the Lover’s Key and it sure has become a favorite launching area for these enthusiasts since the ramp was available. The Lover’s Key has now become entirely accessible for everyone to enjoy and not just the lovers. The remoteness of this barrier, the sun, the breeze, the sand between your toes and the teeming wildlife that can be seen around gets you a nice sense of feeling that you are indeed closer to nature. The Lover’s Key National Park is something that all members of the family can enjoy; this, of course, includes those who want to be around its waters for paddling and boating.

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