Art has always played a huge part in the interaction of communities. It allows creative thinkers to express themselves, and at the same time, provides entertainment and spectacle to the viewers. Art has been evolving over time – from the chiselled statues of the ancient Greeks to the vivid imagery of the classical paintings during the Renaissance Era.

Today, art exists in many forms. Besides creating brilliant images in paintings or creating lifelike statues, art can be sung and composed through songs, listened and played by music, read and written through literature, and performed in dance and acting. There are many ways that art can be presented.

But in Naples, Florida, art exists for the community to gather and relish the beauty of creativity. It holds venues where diverse artists can perform or practice their craft, as well as sites where art connects people, whether local or foreign, from all walks of life. Some of these venues are the theaters, orchestras, performance halls, museums and galleries. Not to mention, the parks and vistas that would give inspiration to artists who draw, paint, sketch, write, or compose.

Among the artists who come from Naples, there are those who made it big on the world stage, and our art galleries attract collectors and spectators from around the globe. Naples also acknowledges their talent, because if it weren’t for them, Naples might never be known as a city that not only takes pride in its scenic grandeur, but a home for artists.

As a community, the people of Naples can unite because of art since it can be a tool for this purpose. People can attend concerts and enjoy the songs composed or performed by local musicians, recite spoken word poetry, gaze at the experimental colors or the grand design of paintings, or relish the sight of statues.

What is also unique about the presence of art in Naples is that crafts can be seen everywhere. The bricks on well-paved streets were patterned with symbolic meaning and though some may overlook their design, they may mean a lot to someone with an artistic lens. The tables and chairs in restaurants, as well as the look of their interior, also have value which transcends beyond a place ordinarily meant for dining. Even hotels decorate their walls with paintings to attract their guests and the tourists who stay at their place. Resorts comprise amenities that not only give comfort, but aid their guests to realize how much important the art of hospitality and service is. Art in this sense is not entirely exclusive to what is tangibly seen, but to what is humbly done.

The geography of Naples, with the brilliance of the sun and its warm and temperate annual climate), is also a testament of the artistic feature of the city. With the appreciation of the people, art, whether natural or manmade, will continue to flourish in a city like Naples.

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