Many people would want to spend their days outdoors. There can be plenty of outdoor activities and most of them have always been involved with fun and excitement. Who wouldn’t want to breathe the fresh air, bathe in the sun, or run around lush fields that seem to have no end?

To some, outdoor activities have become part of their daily routine. But there are reasons why these activities should be done almost always. Part of which include the health benefits. Certainly, statistics and various studies have shown through the years that the more an average person without particular health conditions (which may deprive him to go out upon the advice of a licensed medical professional) participate in outdoor activities, the more beneficial it can be for his or her health.

We have listed various health benefits that may result from outdoor activities. But before these are explored, it’s necessary to be familiar with the many areas which one could explore for outdoor activities.

One particular outdoor activity that is convenient for everyone is cycling. The City of Naples in in Florida has always provided safe and friendly venues for bicyclers. With over 30 miles of bicycle pathways in a city that is less than 14 square miles, there have bike lane road constructions that would pave the way for marathon runners and cyclists to pass.

Currently, upgrades are also being done on bike lanes and 20-foot long green thermoplastic bike panels will also be installed on road intersections. The city has always been in full support for cycling activities, because it does not only promote the people’s fun and excitement outdoors, but it also grants them better outcomes in relation to their health.

For the locals and tourists, cycling is also a way to explore most parts of the city since they will be pedaling from one place to another. It depends on where one is going, but there are plenty of places in Naples to visit. Some of them are the beaches, the resorts, the golf courses, and the zoos. Shopping malls are also established to provide the locations where people can buy whatever they want and need.

Cycling is a healthy form of exercise which can increase cardiovascular fitness, decrease stress levels, enhance metabolic performance, eliminate anxiety and depression, and strengthen bones. It also improves muscle flexibility. Because this is a healthy exercise, cycling is also good for the muscles and stamina.

To encourage residents and visitors to undergo this kind of exercise, Naples has added new green bike lane panels which stretch to 20 feet and are installed at strategic locations to ensure safety.

Outdoor activities can range from picnics and marathons, but cycling will not only allow one to go places, it will also give you a chance to participate in a healthy exercise in an environment suitable for it. Naples, with its friendly climate for outdoor activities, is a great place to visit for cycling.

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