If you ask us, everyday should be a day where we honor our dear mothers, the special lady who brought us to this good Earth and made us who we are today. However, we can always set aside one day in the year to do something extra special, hence, we celebrate Mother’s Day. As we do, you’d be quite pleased to know that there are lots of activities that you can do in Naples, Florida to celebrate such a momentous day for that one amazing woman in our lives. And so we look at 5 fun things to do to celebrate Mother’s Day in Naples, Florida.

Ride a Cruise Ship

There are lots of luxurious cruise ships all around Naples area. There are some lines that set out to sail in the morning and then end by evening. There is even one cruise line that offers free tickets to mothers on Mother’s Day as their tribute to the best woman in any child’s world. Show her to the deck and feel the warm breeze from the gulf and watch the dolphins play around while listening to the song of the seabirds.

Visit the Naples Botanical Garden

Located in the heart of downtown Naples, the Naples Botanical Garden boasts of a collection of plants and flowers from all over the world, from South America to Asia. All around the garden there are themed locations that were set up to match the vibe of where certain plants come from. Your mother will surely love all the beautiful plants and flowers the Naples Botanical Garden has to show.

See the Naples Zoo

After seeing some flora, now it’s time to meet some fauna. The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens promises an adventure that will last in your memories for a very long time. Check out bears, lions, giraffes and the rare Florida Panther and be amazed at their size and ferocity. The zoo also lets in mothers for free as a Mother’s Day treat so long as they paid for a child’s ticket.


The nice thing about the waterways and the mangrove forests in Naples area is that they offer kayaking opportunities for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. There are tours led by both private and public waters and they all offer something different to each enthusiast. There are even spots where you can get to see manatees and migratory birds. You can even fish in some areas though you will need a license for that. Kayaking is an overall relaxing experience where you and your mother can spend bonding time on.

Dine at Tin City

After all that walking and kayaking, we’re pretty sure you guys are hungry by now, so why don’t you head on down to the Tin City, a restaurant district that’s near the bay and have yourselves some nice barbecue dinner complete with cold drinks and a live band while watching the peaceful bay with lights and aesthetic hotel facades that will surely relax your tired bones. This is something your mom can definitely appreciate.

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