Looking for a house to move in to or to resell or just something to add to your list of properties is never an easy task – like all things that deserve your attention, it needs a substantial amount of time and consideration. Good thing the houses in Florida are so good, you don’t have to worry about its quality, this gives you one less thing to worry about. If anything, it makes the choosing part difficult considering how amazing all of the properties are. We can assure you that if money were no object, you’d by every single one of these properties. Speaking of which, please note that the prices listed here were as of June 2018, so they may have gone up depending on when you are reading this.

It’s no secret that the swankiest neighborhoods around Southwestern Florida can be found in the City of Naples. The houses mostly have a summer Mediterranean theme to them that’s really popular in warm places like Naples, Florida. In fact, these houses that can sometimes be seen by the beach fronts are so popular with the tourists because it reminds us so much of Italy. Anyway, we looked around town and discovered a couple of the most expensive cribs in the city.

3. 1000 Admiralty Parade ($24,500,000)

This absolutely gorgeous property in Naples, Florida has the facade and archway entry that give you a feel like you’re in a medieval fortress or garrison because they’re made of stone. The back of the house will lead you to a pool a courtyard and a beautiful waterfront of 340 feet, complete with your own boat dock. With marvelous attention to detail, this property is an architectural splendor. There is a two story gatehouse which has three guest rooms, a game room and a garage. The main house has a kitchen with an eat-in area as well as informal and formal dining areas. Upstairs are five bedrooms and an amazing master bedroom with the view of the bay.

2. 1832 Galleon Drive ($39,900,000)

A splendid property with a wide lawn and a pool with terracotta roofs. The lot is laden with palm trees and the walls surrounding the area have a patio decorated with arches from one end to another. This almost feels like you’re a Spanish Governador from the mid-1800’s. In fact, many would claim that this is the best house ever built in Naples, Florida. Although the house was bulit in 2002, everything is kept in tip-top shape as if it finished construction yesterday. The house has 5 bedrooms, porches, a fireplace, a study and a whopping 10 bathrooms.

1. 2750 Gordon Drive ($51,900,000)

This amazing property, also known as La Capanna, has a fountain in its front lawn roundabout, has a lavishly designed Mediterranean style exterior and a very palatial interior. The insides are so palatial, you may not want to use it on the daily, but we digress. There’s a porch and a pool fronting the gulf – perfect for sunset views. Overall, the La Capanna is the very quintissential definition of up-scale housing in Naples, Florida.

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