Many hotel chains strive to give the best stay to their clients. One way they make sure of this is by providing guests with rewards, privileges, perks, freebees and upgrades. And we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we tell you that nothing beats a good upgrade. This is one of the establishments ways of retaining customer loyalty and oh boy is it a treat! As hotels sometimes go the extra mile in enticing their guests for the next stay, hotel chains, especially the larger ones, sometimes offer extra nights, extended staying hours, bonuses to access their amenities for free or at a huge discount, elaborate gourmet breakfasts and at times, if they’re really that fond of you, a personalized pillow.

Many members of our team are patrons to a few chains here and there. So, since we love our readers and we’d like you to be able to maximize your stay the next time you swing by Naples or other areas in southwest Florida, we’d like to share with you some pro-tips on how to get an upgrade without spending big bucks or in some cases, not even being a member of the hotel’s top-tier elite clients.

One of the first things we recommend you to do is to book in advance. A few days ahead up to a week is good. If you do so, chances are, the front desk person might be concerned about filling up the inventory and thus will widen up your choices for a good room. And so now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go to the next thing which is making your upcoming special occasions known. If you will be celebrating an anniversary, birthday, your kid’s graduation or what have you, there’s definitely no harm in letting the hotel people know in advance so they can get ample time to prepare for cakes, flowers, or message cards that they usually give out as a free surprise. Also, if you can, try to book in an off-peak time. Now, this may sound obvious but you may be surprised how this kind of trick is often times overlooked.

Knowing the low occupancy seasons in the hotel you plan to stay in not only gives you the option to pick the best room for you, the staff may also have more time to accommodate your upgrade requests since they don’t have so many clients to consider. And remember to always be kind to the front desk staff and to everyone who works in the hotel. You kindness and smiles can go a long way. While you’re at it, we also suggest asking about the upgrades that are currently available regardless whether you’re a regular client or a premium membership holder.  If there is one available, your front desk person might offer you the best deal for your money; give you a better room for a lesser fee or perhaps even extended staying hours too.

Well, there you have it. We hope these short guidelines will help you on your next trip here in Naples, Florida. This region of southwest Florida has many gorgeous hotels and offers a lot of nice things for everyone and this includes the hotels and everything else that what we have in store for you.



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