Naples, Florida has a lot to offer for visitors: stunning beaches, great food, amazing architecture, fascinating art galleries, beautiful gardens and so much more. In fact, the place is so attractive it draws in not only the living visitors but supernatural ones as well.  However, these uncanny visitors are not so much fond of sunlight and are a bit shy so you don’t normally see them during the day. When the sun goes down, this is where they make an appearance, and as with any other frequent guests, they have certain favorite spots in the city.

Now, we know that these places may not be for the faint of heart but we’re not giving you any choice. You’re coming with us. And so, we present to you the top three places that are sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

3. Koreshan State Historic Site

In 1894, a man who went by the name of Cyrus Reed Teed organized a new religious cult that he named Koreshanity. This new religion has some weird tenets such as the universe existing in a giant hollow sphere and there was this talk among them about building a New Jerusalem, whatever that means. But it gets creepier. The followers of this cult were said to be so loyal that they preserved their leader’s body upon death and put it up for display, believing he will be resurrected one day.

Visitors to the place have claimed seeing floating orbs, shadowy people, hearing voices and other fun stuff.

2. Haunted Restaurant

There’s a restaurant near Tollgate Boulevard in Naples, Florida that, at first, seems to be your typical southwestern Floridan restaurant. The place has been around for decades and has served hungry travelers ever since. So far so good. But in 1995, a brutal murder occurred 2 armed men robbed the place and killed 3 of its employees. Their bodies were found behind a freezer. The perpetrators were arrested and sentenced accordingly but for the victims of the horrific murder, it seems that they are still not willing to put this case to rest. Years after the crime, kitchen staff are noticing objects moving around on their own and freezer doors opening on their own. Talk about serving cold cuts.

1. Historic Palm Cottage

This is charming example of traditional architecture was built in 1895, making it the oldest house in Naples, Florida. The house was built using sand, shells and hand-made concrete and underwent certain renovations over the years. Nowadays, it stands as a museum, receiving tourists from all over the country. That may be all nice but the exciting part here is this – the tools and some of the displays in the museum mysteriously move around on their own. These ghosts really have a knack for touching stuff they don’t own, don’t they?

These are some of the places you can visit in the city for Halloween. If you want more spookiness in the season of fright, check out our website at and check our Tourist Guide Section for information about the city.

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