An all girls’ getaway vacation in Naples and Marco Island, Florida means having social media accounts filled with lots of pictures and videos of great beaches, sumptuous food and romantic sunsets. There is just an endless amount of gourmet meals, relaxing spa treatments and, of course, shopping! So, round up the sisterhood for a great weekend of fun, relaxation, pampering and designer clothes.

Restaurants and shops are lined along with soothing palm trees on Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South. These high-end shopping districts are decorated splendidly with eye-popping Mediterranean style architecture. These are perfect spots for al-fresco breakfasts with Instagram worthy meals. This can be followed by a much needed shopping therapy. Third Street South prides itself with top-of-the-line signature clothing, with couture collections from Prada, Versace, D&G just to name a few. This is also a good place for you to buy the quintessential summer wear.

Walk a little bit further and you’ll find designer stores overlooking water fountains and ponds. Make a luxury buy at any one of the upscale stores or take lunch while enjoying the view from any of the restaurants in malls.

You might want to head down the beach by late afternoon. After all, your trip in the sunny Paradise Coast will not be complete without some good dose of Vitamin Sea. Take selfies while you’re in your most stunning bikini, rocking off that flat stomach you’ve been working on for months.

We guarantee that the beaches in Naples and in Marco Island will be one of the most stunning you’ll ever see in your life. Spread your towels by the sand as you and the girls rub each other’s backs with some sunscreen, or get a siesta by a recliner in some badass aviator sunglasses. The Naples Pier is a great place for sightseeing; you and the gals should be there. Vanderbilt beach is also a viable option. Walk along the white sandy beaches while you impress the hunks with your stunning bikini bod. There is no entrance fee to these places, by the way so that’s a big yay!

On Marco Island, you’ll find almost 4 miles of white sandy happiness. These beaches being close to major hotel chains definitely help add to the already euphoric experience you and your sisters for life are having. Tigertail Beach Park and South Marco Beach are places that are most frequented by tourists and they have no entrance fee as well so you’re free to come and go as you please. And you know your day is complete because at sundown, you and the girls will be able to witness the bestest ever sunset, like, ever.

Now that the sun has gone down, it’s time for dinner. Luckily, the restaurants in Naples, Florida feature the most delicious cuisines and the best of wines. Fifth Avenue South is home to the trendiest restaurants with welcoming ambiance, and dishes made from local ingredients and most, if not all, are organic.

Marco Island has something to boast too, with restaurants that have lively crowds and stunning evening views. The places have generous cocktail servings and the freshest seafood straight out from the Gulf of Mexico.


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