Are you getting tired of the typical house parties? Do you spend more and more time in your man-cave? Do you wish that you and your bros can just go on a trip together? Just you, your crew and the concrete road, driving for miles on end till you reach a destination that will define your ultimate field trip? Well now, you can! That’s because Naples City, Marco Island and Everglades, Florida has tons of cool options for you and the boys to have fun with.

Nothing is manlier than hunting wild boars. Get in touch with your primeval side and hunt wild boar like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Wild boars are smart, fast and dangerous, but man is better. Take with your brothers and you guys will be unstoppable! Their population has blown up recently and they put the urban communities at risk. Help some settlements by organizing a team of your choosing – no hunting license required. Bring your good old Winchester or channel in the power of the ancient ones by wielding spears or bows and arrows.

Well, to be honest, we are not sure if spears or bows and arrows are allowed but you can definitely check the local laws regarding this. There is a resort that offers a professionally guided wild boar hunt on a vacant open area just 40 minutes away from downtown Naples. The hunt includes drinks, ice, the meat of one hog and they will look after your kill for you.

After a hearty meal, you and the guys can head straight to the casino if you’re feeling lucky. Many hotels all over the region have casinos in them. Most of these have renovated facilities so that’s always a good plus and some even welcome overnight stays. Casinos have your favorite slot machines and game tables that are sure to give a great night for you and your homeboys.

After a good game, and you boys find out that the night is still young, what do you do? Enjoy more of the nightlife, of course! Now, in this region, when it comes to food, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: Seafood is King. Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades are littered with restaurants that offer the best seafood in the region, if not in the entire country. Stone Crabs and fishes of all sorts are sure to fill your belly for the night. Steaks are common too. Try the rib-eye steaks on Fifth Avenue South, it’s a killer.

Now that you’ve had your fill, party the night away with all the clubs, pubs, nightspots and lounges all over Naples. They offer cigars, the best blends and the finest spirits. That’s not to mention the hotel parties that happen from time to time. Nights are always fun in the region whether it is in the club or out in the beach, there’s always something going on, always something to see, you’re never at a loss. Best  case scenario, you and the boys will get to mingle with the fine young ladies in the party, worst case is you get to see what the Florida man is up to next, either way, you’ll always walk away with a good story to tell.

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