If you need something to beat the Florida heat then come over to the Golden Gate Community Park. This park is located at 3300 Santa Barbara Blvd. Naples, FL 34106 and it’s a place the whole family can enjoy. Aside from its many amenities which we’ll cover in a bit, one thing that sets this park above the rest is its pool with huge slides and other interactive things like fountains and more that the kids and the kids at heart can enjoy. This awesome pool as well as sports fields and even a space where you can bring your dog with you are just some of the amenities you can enjoy in the Golden Gate Community Park.

The park is an exclusive member’s only community but it offers great amenities to its members such as a fitness gym with a wide variety of equipment for starters. This fitness center has free weights and different kinds of machines, elliptical, and, of course, treadmills. This is perfect for athletes who want to establish their conditioning. There are also 2 softball fields, a baseball field, a soccer field, four tennis courts and a little league field, perfect for junior to hone his talent, physicality and character in sports. One interesting game you can play in the Golden Gate Community Park is Shuffleboarding. There is a legal sized Shuffleboarding court that members can use whenever they are in the park. It’s a game that’s real fun to learn and even interesting to simply just watch. And it gets better, because there is also a Bocce court in the park premises. Bocce is an ancient game that dates back to the Roman Empire. In it, a player get to throw a ball to the field called a jack and then the competing team members must throw their own balls as close to the jack in order to score. Now the dads can fully enjoy this park with these unusual but fun games, socialize and maybe even land that next big deal, who knows? A game of golf isn’t the only thing that can make or break deals nowadays, that’s for sure. And of course there is a playground for the kids to enjoy if they still have energy left from swimming around the pool.

But one of the best things in the Golden Gate Community Park is that there is a place where you can bring your pet dog with you. We all love our dogs and we ought to give them a walk everyday so that they do not get bored, stressed or restless inside our house. Giving dogs a much needed walk keeps them from eating up the house furniture. Overall, the amenities and the things you can enjoy in the park are top-notch and can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

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