Naples is known for being a playground of the people who are willing to spend some extra coin in their pockets. Shops selling high-end fashion wear and trendy boutiques can be found all over downtown. But, little do people know that the city can also cater to the folks who’re working on a budget. There are many major outlet malls and more consignment and thrift stores that are stockpiled with a vintage surprise here or a pre-loved treasure there.

Hidden behind Tamiami Trail and within walking distance of the luxurious Fifth Avenue South, shops are scattered along 10th Street North between Fifth Avenue North and Second Avenue South in a district that is known as along the Trail of Treasures. You’ll find everything from costume jewelry to fine art all stores numbering about 20 along a cobblestone pavement.  A mix of nonprofit thrift shops, resale stores and antique shops are found all over this quaint district, making for a fun day of treasure hunting and it’s just within reach of the top designers stores in the downtown area.

Many of these shops operate because they tend to give a helping hand to people or organizations with a noble cause. Take for instance a shop that gives part of their proceeds to women who were domestically abused.  And what’s great is they still can sell luxury brands at a fraction of the original price. They boast of brands like Armani and Escada and several shoes from Prada and Ferragamo. They have hand bags from Coach and Gucci, Tod’s and the list goes on and on.

There’s another thrift shop that sells everything from high quality appliances, foot claw for bath tubs, clothing and accessories for women to little trinkets you can use at home. The nice thing is that proceeds and donations to the store go directly to aid those who are in need of mental health care and behavioral therapy. And the touching part is that the store is staffed by dedicated volunteers who believe in this very noble endeavor.

Aside from the ones already mentioned, there are more shops in town that sell pre-loved goods. And these are clothes that from top-of-the-line brands like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Gucci, Burberry just to name a few.  The stores have in-house specialist that verify the authenticity of the brands and people are welcome to sell their own pre-loved dresses for either a 50/50 split or by receiving cash up front.

However, these shops aren’t limited to clothing. There are shops that sell all sorts of curiosities like diving helmets from the 50’s, sofa tables to flamingo robots (whatever that is). There are also those who sell fine painting that you can mount on your wall that were genuinely made by acclaimed artists, so you might want to check that out.

There is so much shopping opportunity in Naples, Florida. One only has to know where to look to find the most awesome bargains and rare items that you can add to your house, collection and/or wardrobe.

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