It sure is getting popular nowadays, and more and more anglers across the country are picking up on the trend and going kayak fishing.

Manufacturers are building more and more kayaks specifically for fishing, with some models so popular that dealers sometimes are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. New gear and equipment is being introduced at the blink of an eye. Clubs and organizations are being formed, special guided tours are on the rise, and kayak fishing tournaments are happening more frequently now and excursions specifically for kayak fishing are happening left and right.

You only have to sniff around and you’ll soon find out that the Paradise Coast is made for kayak fishing. There’s no shortage of equipment rentals and expert guides that can lead you to where all the happy fishes are.

Rookery Bay, between Naples and Marco Island, is renowned for many species of game fish, but one interesting fish in particular is the snook. These smart fishes bite the bait hard and then hide in the mangroves – perfect for a kayak where you can easily close in on the mangrove roots.

The kayak can totally spark anyone’s enthusiasm for sports fishing. All the species that were traditionally caught from a larger vessel can now be caught from a kayak. It’s now possible to get to the areas you can never get to before.

Kayaks are being used in both deep and shallow water fisheries. Fishing in different styles and conditions, it doesn’t matter; the kayak is a great fishing platform.

Success in the shallows depends largely on stealth, a dropped tool on the deck or one slam of a hatch, or a graphite push pole banged into a rock and your game is lost. Stealth is king, and the kayak is the King of Stealth. With a kayak, you are able to slip stealthily into your fishing area virtually undetected, gliding practically effortlessly through the water. Basically, the only sound that you hear is that of the paddles dipping into the water.

Overall, it’s easy to see why fishermen are embracing kayak fishing so enthusiastically. It is very economical with relatively low price and maintaining costs. It’s not complicated, straightforward and deadly silent. A kayak provides fishing opportunities to spots that you simply cannot get to by traditional means. Take one fishing trip in a kayak and you will become an instant believer.

The kayak is an effective fishing platform in its simplest form. However, if it’s a water vessel that can be customized, modded and rigged to be a better boat, then somebody is bound to do it. And that they did. Enthusiasts are now adding anchoring systems, back rests, GPS, coolers, caution flags, shock cords and many more. Don’t get left out from this effective trend. If you are one for fishing, then go grab your very own kayak and bring it out to the lakes and rivers. Before you’ll know it, you’d have already done it for several times and have all your gear upgraded and modded out.

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