Naples is a luxury style haven that adds shopping to its line-up of relaxing resort hotels, its sophisticated spas and world-famous fairways. Tin City boasts of rustic boutiques and on the other hand, downtown Naples has the most chic shops to date.  You are certain to quench your thirst for a great shopping experience, while here on Naples.

Beach Wear

Don resort wear and comfortable tunics if you plan to lighten up your load while in Naples. These types of wear and relaxed linen are all you need for a breezy getaway that’s stylishly casual. Naples is teaming with outfitters specializing in the most fashionable garbs but with the most comfortable island flair, so no need to hassle on the packing process.

Third Street South can give you the ultimate Florida experience when it comes to clothing. The street is full of shops with cool fabrics and beach-to-street attire for both men and women. There are more beach appropriate and stylish wear to be found around in Fifth Avenue South.


If you have a penchant for style and looking for an amazing bargain, then you will find yourself in love with the busiest outlet malls in Southwest Florida. Get designer outfits with humongous discounts at Miromar Outlets.


What about if you’re looking to be more shiny with all the sparkling jewelry about you? Well, you belong in Naples too. Shops in Naples have the most red carpet ready jewels, fit for the stars. There are even jewels that would surely make you look like the queens and the princesses with dazzling beauty. You can get all of these in Naples without the hefty price tag.

Beach and Long Walks

Being in Naples, entails lots of walking and this means finding the right walking shoes. Well, worry no more for in Naples, shops in downtown gives you the best find for footwear for all terrain. Whether you’re looking for a long stroll or would want to head out to the sandy beach or even if you want some shoes stylish enough to match your footwear, then take a peek in the many shops here.


Now, galas, formal parties, corporate dinners and art gallery launches are all over here in this beautiful city. And this means you can’t go without a nice evening gown or dress. Valentino, Gucci, Fendi and LV are only a few of the top brand names you can find here to make sure you turn a few more heads for the night.

Balls and the Outdoors

Sports and outdoor activities like fishing are some of the best recreational activities here in Naples.  Shops here sell the best selection of fishing supplies and the staff is guaranteed friendly and may even offer an advice or two in fishing and boating. There also shops here that sell premium tennis rackets, so if you were not able to bring your gear for some reason, then the shops here are all too happy to take care of your needs.

You will find and eclectic and extensive collection here in Naples. People are never in need here since the shops and the malls offer all that they can think of, whether it’s gear, supplies or even food. Naples, Florida has got you covered.

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