The city of Naples, Florida, typically has great weather, with a stunning average of 264 sunny days each year; with a temperature range from the mid 70s to the mid 90s degrees Fahrenheit, with an average low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The area is pretty humid, but that’s what happens when you’re by the coast; the average rainfall of 56 inches per year can add to this problem, but not by very much. All this rain and moisture however, helps to maintain the native plant and animal life.

With an average temperature in the 60s, and rarely getting lower than 50oF, Naples is great all year round, even if it is a bit humid. The warmest months are typically June through to September, with those four months staying within the 70o-90o range; however, these months also have the most rainfall, on average 9 inches of rain per month from June to September. February to May shows an increase in temperature, but also an increase in rainfall from the months of October to January. October through January slowly decrease in temperature, with January being the coldest month on average, being between only 50o-70o; December however, shows an average of only 1.5 inches of rainfall per month. February to May show a steady increase in both the daily high and low temperatures, but also the amount of rainfall, in inches, per month.

As humidity is determined by the content of water in the air, when the months are colder then the air is less humid, putting December, January, February, and March at the less humid months of the year.

This puts the “best” weather between October and April, when the temperature is cooler and the air is drier, but it is still comfortably warm. During summer, June to September, there is an average of 13-16 rainy days, whereas only 6-10 from October to May; the rainfalls tend to be heavy but are short in duration.

The hours of sunlight range from 7-9 in November, December, and January, and from 8-10 hours from March to October; putting the average of sunlight between 70%-80% of a day.

While the weather is generally uneventful, there are the occasional hurricane; however, these aren’t always destructive, and many pass without causing any, or minimal, damage.

Overall, this kind of climate is suitable for things like beach outings, summer getaways and even trail hiking; things that make Naples special. Also, having the warm sunshine out most months of the year makes this lovely city a great place for golf. One can often see people out in the fields, in their shorts, making a nice tee.

With that being said, we invite all of you to come to Naples, if you want to enjoy bright sunny days. This place is especially popular in the winter season, when the rest of the country is bleak and cold with much snowfall. Here, you can take a break from all that while swimming along the coasts. Trust us, you couldn’t ask for a better experience.

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