Southwest Florida is simply full of surprises. This time, we have a museum in the middle of an island. The Mound House is not just a museum but an archeological and historical site itself.  Located in Estero Bay, Florida, this renovated 1920’s townhouse, the William H. Case House, sits on top of a former shell mound constructed by the Calusa Indians hundreds of years ago, which dates back even before European colonization. Today, this townhouse museum boasts a wide array of exhibits and collections that tell of the story of the Calusa Indians while at the same time preserving the charm of a 1920’s American house to fascinate and educate people both young and old.

The Mound House sits in the middle of a beautifully landscaped tiny island and there are many activities you can do within and around it. Inside the house, you can take a sneak-peak of the way of life of the most ancient tribes of Southwestern Florida, the Calusa and check out the historical artifacts that were excavated by archeologists for the modern viewer to marvel at. There are also interactive programs and displays for kids and students which breathe life into the long-forgotten secrets of this once powerful tribe. The historical and archeological tours are very informative and would certainly be enjoyed by everyone and there will be arts and crafts demonstration too, featuring the practices of people long gone and this includes eye-popping demonstrations of their tools and weapons. Outside the house, you can explore the pretty gardens which can be a good outdoor event or social gathering spot as well as a picnic area. There is also an observation pier where you can see the clear waters of the Estero Bay and some jet-ski drivers showing off their skills. Or, if you’re lucky, you can catch their special after-hour events that will certainly entertain everybody.

The Mound House experience does not end in the museum property; they also provide guided eco-kayak tours that go around the kayak trail that takes you to the mangrove forests and the deep and treacherous waters where the Calusa tribe catches their fish. This provides a first-hand account of what it’s like to live in those times as a Calusa where all you had were simple tools and gives you an insight as to how resourceful and creative these people were, harnessing the bounties of nature to create tools an weapons at their disposal. The lives of these settlers were fascinating, in that they were able to survive the bitter harshness of Southwestern Florida’s jungles, now you can learn all about it, plus get an outdoor nature tour with The Mound House.

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