The main passion of Divine Naples is to bring the local businesses of Southwestern Florida closer to as many people as possible, tourists and residents alike. We’re all about connecting people and building bridges. This is done through effective marketing strategies. Whether it’s through traditional means such as word-of-mouth recommendations and handing out coupons and brochures to social media management, web development and blogging, Divine Naples can cover all these bases for you. Though this may sound intimidating to somebody who just runs a small family store, we assure you that working with small to medium scale businesses is what we specialize in. In fact, you can leave most of the advertising part of the business to us.

We all know that advertising campaigns require deep pockets. Since adverts are broadcasted by mostly the traditional mainstream media, they do get quite the reach yet charge you with a king’s ransom for showcasing your product. Thus, it would be perfectly reasonable for a small local business owner to allocate the budget in improving production or the quality of the product instead of contacting a TV-station. In turn, the mainstream media largely ignores the quality and the hard work put into running an entrepreneurial endeavor. This is simply one of those difficult realities that we must come into terms with.

What the traditional media is missing out is the amazing dedication that every local business owner puts into his or her craft. People who run market stalls, diners and inns, restaurants, art and boutique specialty stores spend an insane number of hours with blood, sweat and tears just to make things happen and deserve more attention from the public. The mechanics, the plumbers, carpenters and electronics repair people who toil night and day just to hone their craft are oftentimes overlooked by the mainstream media. These people may not have the spotlight but they constitute the backbone of the local economy of any state. They are the main reason why every city is in good working order because on their skill and their raw produce depend the larger companies that usually get the attention of the traditional media since they got the finances to merit their goodwill.

Fortunately, in Divine Naples, you would not need a fortune to get our team of experts moving. Our core focus is to better understand the concerns and needs of a small local business owner and have the information about their products and services disseminated to as many people as possible at the most minimal cost. Every week we feature podcasts that relay inspiring stories of local business owners in the region. You will get to hear what it’s like to do business in Naples, Florida straight from the very people who do business in the city. And, everyday, we feature articles highlighting the best things of the local business industry, every store, every product and every service. We will do our very best to cover all of them as much as we can, in the most inviting manner possible.

Give us a ring so you can get to meet us at our very cozy Visitor Center in 4th Ave. South of downtown Naples so we can start discussing your options.

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