At Divine Naples, we recognize the importance of the local business economy to the overall health of the region of Southwest Florida. It’s the small to medium scale enterprises that keep the ball running in this region that’s blessed with all the wonders of nature. The boutiques, the art stores, the restaurants and pubs, the specialty shops, the inns and even the service-based companies that employ skilled workers all constitute the backbone of this lovely society. And the people that make all of these possible have wonderful stories to tell of humble beginnings, struggle and triumph that we can all appreciate no matter where we are in life right now.

And we would like to impart these inspiring stories to everybody with the hopes of building new bridges that would connect the city in an astoundingly beautiful way. The small businesses are the foundation, the very cornerstone of a stable local economy. We can help bolster growth and progress within the local community simply by choosing what your neighbors have over what came from the outside. A self sufficient society that’s mechanized by interdependency of each local industry sector is the gold standard that we all must aspire to achieve.

What Divine Naples seeks to achieve is to highlight the people behind this mechanism and see what makes them tick. What are the dreams and aspirations, the goals of a local businessman in Naples, Florida? What are the needs of the region that he seeks to fill or why set up business here in the first place? Together, we can find out the answers to these questions though Divine Naples, weekly podcasts. Through these weekly podcasts, we interview some of the notable and admirable business owners who pump the lifeblood of the local business industry of the Greater Naples Area.

Through our weekly podcasts we can take a glimpse of the passions that guide every waking moment of these remarkable people and thus, should get the customers appreciate the work they put into their businesses, no matter how small that business is, even more. Every month, we invite these amazing men and women to our cozy little studio to do the interviews. Then out from the studio we publish them to our podcast for everyone to hear. And it’s always an awe-inspiring experience to hear the stories of how people started out and the passions they bear, even just to hear a funny experience or two.  And of course, our doors are always open should you want to share your very own personal story.

Just one podcast session would be enough to tell you how fortunate Naples is for having such fine people who ensure the city and the region surrounding it thrive well in this economy. However, tuning in to all of them gives you a real sense of appreciation of what they do for a living – honest work for honest coin. Now, if you are a local business owner of a skilled worker who plies their trade around Southwestern Florida, our doors are open for you.

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