The Visitor Center of Divine Naples welcomes everybody who wishes to take part of the progress of Naples, Florida. And by progress we do not only mean the tourists who keep the local economy alive year after year, we also wish to invite all local business owners to take advantage of what Divine Naples can do for your business. In Divine Naples, we are all about building bridges and what we’d like to do is to introduce your business to a wider range of potential market. This could mean connecting to more customers locally or have more tourists be acquainted of your products and services. Creating an interconnected Naples has always been our passion and is the very core of what Divine Naples stands for.

Divine Naples understands that small to medium scale local businesses and skilled services may not have the budget for a huge advertising campaign. Majority of the profits go back to capitals and investments. This may be a safe way of doing this; however, it hurts your chances of “getting the word out there”. This is where we come in. Think of all the customers that could be under your reach and scope. If you are looking to expand, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

But, if you are the type who’s practically contented with the small town customer-base that you have and are a bit reluctant of investing to expand your reach, you don’t need to worry. You have your own patrons and a supportive community and that’s great. What we’re offering is to make your community just a little bit bigger. This way, more people will get to experience the beauty of your product or the skillfulness of your employees in a degree that won’t necessarily overwhelm your business. And if the time comes when you want to take a bigger bite of that pie, we’d be still here to guide you, no problem.

The shtick is that a sales person from our end will do all the “sales-person talk” for you in our Visitor Center or in market fairs, festivals, social gatherings, malls and other relevant locations and make sure we hand out your brochures. We’d spread information that would present your business in a positive light to everybody. Should you decide to, we can even sell your business packages for you or give away your coupons. Sure, you can do this by yourselves, but you can’t be in all places at once, right? Sometimes you need a helping hand, and that’s what Divine Naples is all about.

We can even extend our service by setting up blogs and websites for your business, to make sure you don’t only make an appearance locally, but also worldwide. Think about establishing a customer-base inter-state or perhaps even internationally. No matter what you do, the pace of growth that your company will undertake will be under your control and we will be with you along the way. Call us today and set an appointment in our Visitor Center and let’s talk about your options.

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