Locals have a tendency to overlook as they get gotten immersed with work as to just exactly how interesting of a place they live in. Only a couple of miles far from the congested areas of urban life is the quiet serenity of the Everglades.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Director Jason Lauritsen and his family utilize summer as a reason to go investigate nature more. He says they always like to go to the beaches up by Sanibel and Wiggins Pass, particularly on quiet mornings, and take a gander at the critters.

He describes how those are two incredible beaches that have some really great characteristics within their territories. He and his family are fond of the shorebirds that fly over the blue sky. And on the ground, they love the hermit crabs and the starfishes. They also love visiting the Rookery Bay and learning more and more about Southwest Florida through its museums.

In season, photographer Dennis Goodman invests a great deal of energy going to art exhibits to offer his work. Summer is a wonderful time to shoot. The time of June is constantly exceptional for nature picture takers—it’s the point at which the rare ghost orchid begins to blossom. Goodman will make a trip to Fakahatchee Strand to shoot it. Early summer is likewise when a few types of local birds begin to settle. After which, he’ll go to Marco Island next to photo royal terns or black skimmers and after that to Estero Lagoon or Fort Myers Beach for shorebirds. “I can’t wait for summer,” he says. “It gets my creative juices flowing. It’s my best time to go out and create. When the rain starts, that’s when you get the clouds and all these great colors. It makes for great photography.”

One of the other fundamental attractions of Southwest Florida is angling. Summer is the point at which the tarpon begin to bounce along the cool waters of the region. Auctioneer Scott Robertson, for instance, breaks to cooler climate up North amid off-season, however, ensures he comes back to fish the water of Boca Grande for the silver king fish. Writer Randy Wayne White, who used to be a fishing guide on Sanibel, remains in Southwest Florida in the late spring as much as he can.

He lives on Sanibel and still fishes. He said that angling is an incredible experience here. He found that there are lots of Tarpon, Snook and others.  Another pastime he’s got as of late is nature photography. He shared that he loves afternoon rains because capturing the lightning in photographs is something he finds fantastic.

No matter what your hobby is, we guarantee that you’re in for a surprise here in Naples, Florida. There is just so much to do and so much to see that you definitely have something to do that’s worth your while. Be it fishing, photography, fishing while doing photography, it’s all here, and all the goodness of nature is just waiting for you to be explored. So, book a ticket for next summer because one summer in Naples, Florida can easily become the summer of your life.

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