Sonya Sawyer will look at her date-book amid the late spring and something will appear to be off. She doesn’t have any place to be. No functions, no charitable events – none. The mother of two, CFO of a technology company and social expert really has sufficient energy to spare. “We get inundated. It’s great, but it does get to be a lot,” she says. “In the summer, we really just get to enjoy what everyone else enjoys during season.” That means dining out. She’ll be able to make it to happy hour at a local bar for half-off bottles of wine. She then shoots off to her favorite place so she’ll be able to get a reservation at a good time. And, she’ll get to check out new places like restaurants on Fifth Avenue South. “We go to all the restaurants we couldn’t get into before,” she says.

It’s one thing to get into restaurants. It’s another to really get a seat. Barrett Farmer, Director of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, targets great restaurants with prime open air seating amid the late spring.  He said he’ll take any opportunity to go get the chance to go to an al fresco dining restaurant.  He particularly likes certain restaurants where he can enjoy the peace and quiet.  Luckily, the restaurants downtown offer nice outdoor scenes and patios to sit at. And all this is much better without the season traffic and the waiting, according to him.

Since the streets have cleared, Florida Rep organizer Bob Cacioppo and his better half, Carrie Lund Cacioppo, suggest making an excursion to a concealed jewel a restaurant on Blind Pass, which isolates the two islands of Sanibel and Captiva. The white tablecloth lounge area is “one of the finest dining experiences to be had in Southwest Florida and is situated for the perfect view of a sunset,” Bob says.

Summer gives time for gourmet specialists to get out on the town, as well. Be that as it may, on account of Naples restaurateur Vincenzo Betulia, he finds that he can never entirely get away from the kitchen.  He says he always finds himself cooking something; that he is too attracted to the kitchen to stay away from it. He feels that it is his sense of duty to help out. He recalled one instance where he was visiting his cousin’s home and he ended up cooking for 25 people out in front of the grill. As everyone else was enjoying the cocktail, he was enjoying his glass of wine and the wood smoke and he adds that this is what he loves to do.

There are numerous restaurants in Naples, Florida. And all serve good quality gourmet food. And you know the food is great because experienced chefs are into them. You don’t have to take our word for it, take it from the experts. Good wine and fine dining is what sets Naples, Florida apart from the other areas of the state and you too can enjoy all these if you come and visit the Paradise Coast.


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