Imagine lying on your belly with complete ease as the therapeutic scents waft all over the room as you drift into a deep and relaxing slumber in one of your spa sessions in a hotel in Naples, Florida. In the background is a soothing tune that helps calm the senses and it seems to take you to another plane of existence. Later, you may decide to play golf in one of the champion courses in the city, or perhaps sip a glass of chardonnay while on a balcony overlooking the downtown area. That, my friend, is just another day in the life of somebody who visits Naples, Florida.

You can then drive down to Marco Island to start a slow stroll along Tigertail Beach followed by a quite dip with the Gulf of Mexico upon the horizon. But if you find yourself with way too much sun on your skin, then you can get a sunburn therapy at a nearby spa that’s connected to a major hotel chain, also in Marco Island.

Then if you want to add some historical flair in your tour, visit Marco Island Historical Museum. The museum includes exhibits that tell about the history of Marco Island, specifically the Calusa Native Americans. Then, head down one of the cafés and try the crepes, absolutely delicious.

Golf getaways are the best. And if you are looking for the ultimate golf experience, then head over to one of the many courses of Naples, Florida. The fairways that go along many of the courses evoke awe to everyone who sees them. You can also enjoy the abundance of wildlife that may be present in the courses; these include American Bald Eagles to the good old alligators.

If golf isn’t your thing, probably, the arts and culture is. Naples city is a haven for art galleries and renowned artists. Art galleries and museums are packed with crowds during major exhibits. Art connoisseurs and artists themselves mingle during galas and formal evening events to share ideas and information about what’s the latest in the art scene. One gallery that comes to mind when speaking of art is The Baker Museum in Artis Naples. Their gallery is extensive, with hundreds of paintings and sculptures both from local and international artists.

Next to the museum in The Philharmonic; it’s the home of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra.  This robust theatre features well-loved and timeless plays and musical concerts. People who value the arts must step inside this place.

For a more laid back scene, go to Third Street South in downtown Naples. You’ll find amusing street performances and live jazz bands that fill your ears with good tune. There are even budding artists who’d like for you to see their talent as well and that’s always a plus in our books.

There are always fun things to do and things to see in Naples and Marco Island, Florida. And when you’re done with everything, the beautiful sunset is always worth checking out. We’d be a bit sad for you if you miss out on a truly one of a kind experience.

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