Restaurants in the region of southwestern Naples are known for sourcing their ingredients from local businesses. That’s what we think is the key to a good restaurant. You know what they serve you is fresh because they get their ingredients locally.  Food lovers follow a trail of good food along Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades to find the best food they can fill their belly with.

Chefs fuse natural flavors with their own signature sauces to make sure they give that flavorful punch. Owners design and redesign their place to give off that cool ambiance with and effortlessly suave atmosphere to complement the dishes they serve.

It’s a great thing that many chefs here spend their culinary careers making dishes that deliver impeccable flavor and just screams of fresh color. They have ever-changing menus that appeal to both meat-lovers and vegetarians – while, like we said, using locally sourced ingredients. That’s because many of these chefs work closely with local farmers and local fishermen to bring to their restaurant tables lunch and dinners straight out of the farm or of the sea. So that means oysters, calamari, citric fruits and grass-fed beef are not a problem for these veterans of the kitchen.

Everglades city, on the other hand, has a different take when it comes to dishes. Are you looking for something exotic? Are you the adventurous type when it comes to satisfying the tongue? Then, the restaurant in Everglades city sure has something for you.

Known for rustic waterfronts and a grassroots traditional mom and pop feel, some of the restaurants in the Everglades have a little secret. They hop and they croak and in they go to the frying pan. You guessed right. Restaurants in the Everglades serve fried frogs. They taste like fried chicken so that’s something that should encourage any first-timer. But if you ask the people in the Everglades, fried frogs have been an all-time favorite and they invite for you to dig in.

Speaking of favorites, you should try the Stone Crab. Historically considered as a pest by the fisherfolk, it’s now one of the area’s leading industries. Processing crabs are a major source of livelihood here and the restaurants are always packed with people waiting to sink their teeth into some juicy crab. And did you know that Stone Crab pincers regenerate weeks after being removed from the body? Well, they do and this only means tasty seafood unlimited!

If you are out for an organic meal and tasty dishes made from juicy locally grown fruits and vegetables then look no further than the restaurants of southwest Florida. Also, farms that produce organically raised meat and milk is truly a delight for meat eaters. So this means whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, it doesn’t matter, your stomach is very much welcome here. Healthy options are provided for everyone. Take a bite into what’s cooking and you will never be disappointed with the vast array of choices that are waiting just for you.


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